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Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie

QM Roles

Rollen im Qualitätsmanagement in der Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie

QM roles in the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy (as of 01 October 2022)

Dean Prof. Dr. B. Trauzettel
Vice Dean Prof. Dr. J. Pflaum
Dean of Studies Prof. Dr. F. Reinert
Chairman of the Study Commission Prof. Dr. F. Reinert
Study Coordinator Dr. K. Schutte
Quality Officer Dr. K. Schutte
Chairpersons of the Examination Committee and
Subject Responsible
Prof. Dr. G. Sangiovanni
Physics International
Prof. Dr. G. Sangiovanni
Nanostructure Technology
Prof. Dr. L.W. Molenkamp
Quantum Technology
Prof. Dr. L.W. Molenkamp
Quantum Engineering
Prof. Dr. L.W. Molenkamp
Mathematical Physics
Prof. Dr. S. Waldmann
Teaching Physics
Prof. Dr. T. Trefzger
Module Responsible  
IP Modules
Prof. Dr. J. Pflaum
ITPA Modules
Prof. Dr. J. Erdmenger
Didactics Modules
Prof. Dr. T. Trefzger

Description of the QM Roles


  • ensures the implementation of all obligations within a Faculty (teaching / examinations)
  • has supervisory and instructional rights over members of the Faculty

Faculty Board

  • is responsible for all matters of the Faculty for which the Dean or another organ of the Faculty is not responsible
  • decides on proposals for the establishment, amendment or abolition of study programmes in consultation with Degree Programme Commission

Dean of Studies

  • ensures that the courses offered comply with the academic and examination regulations, that the studies can be carried out properly within the standard period of study and that the students are adequately supervised
  • is responsible for the evaluation of teaching, including student evaluations
  • reports regularly to the Dean and at least once a semester to the Faculty Board and the university management on his or her work
  • submits an annual report on teaching (teaching report) to the Faculty Board in a non-personalised form
  • shall comment on the pedagogical suitability of applicants in appointment procedures
  • is responsible for the selection of course, module and subject evaluations (in consultation with Degree Programme Coordinators and Degree Programme Commission)
  • is responsible for the preparation of reports on course, module and subject evaluations and their analysis with those responsible for the subjects
  • reports on significant results of evaluations in Faculty Board meetings
  • conducts consultative talks with colleagues and can agree on further training measures with them
  • records the subject's statement in the subject audit or comments on it
  • Is responsible for ensuring that requirements resulting from evaluations/audits are implemented.
  • Head of the Degree Programme Commission

Quality Officer

  • is a member of the respective Degree Programme Commission
  • is responsible for the organisation of evaluations within the Faculty, on behalf of the Dean of Studies
  • Reviews the free text fields of evaluations
  • assists with statistical analysis and, if necessary, interpretation of the results of evaluationst
  • together with the Service Agency for Evaluation in Teaching and Learning, it is responsible for the incorporation of subject-specific questions into subject evaluations
  • checks the appropriate formulation of the competence orientation of module contents
  • supports the preparation/processing of the information for the teaching report
  • supports those responsible for the subject in the preparation or updating of subject reports.
  • has access to the reporting system

Degree Programme Coordinator

  • is the contact person for organisational aspects of a faculty (e.g. room managemen t/ examination administration / event management / course catalogue) and has access to the reporting system 
  • supports the preparation/processing of the information for the teaching report
  • coordinates change requests of the study programmes and is responsible for their integration into the ZAP
  • represents the Faculty at the Round Table
  • represents the Faculty in university-wide QM projects
  • is the interface to other university institutions such as Ref. 1.1 PQM, ZiLS-SPO or Department 2
  • is the point of contact for student questions that cannot be answered by the subject advisers

Examination Committee

  • ensures [...] that the performance reviews can be carried out within the [...] specified time periods
  • works together with the individual module coordinators
  • makes suggestions for the reform of examination and study regulations
  • supports the Deans of studies in the preparation of teaching reports
  • announces examination dates Examination types and dates
  • minutes its meetings

Chairperson of the Examination Committee

  • works together with the Dean of Studies to ensure that the courses offered comply with the study and examination regulations, that the programme can be properly completed within the standard period of study and that students are adequately supervised
  • is responsible for coordinating and compiling the individual subject combinations with other subjects
  • ensures that the modules that can be selected for the respective subject from other faculties are actually offered by these faculties
  • documents the changes to the module descriptions on a semester-by-semester basis
  • is responsible for crediting procedures
  • ensures that module examination grades are posted promptly

Degree Programme Responsible

  • is responsible for the overall organisation and content of the subject's degree programmes
  • works together with the Degree Programme Commission to initiate and implement changes to study programmes
  • drafts rough and detailed concepts for the new degree programme and its structure
  • reports on significant results of evaluations to the Dean of Studies
  • prepares minutes for the discussion of results from module evaluations in cooperation with the Dean of Studies
  • analyses the results of subject and module evaluations (with the Degree Programme Committee)
  • prepares opinions on specialised assessments, if necessary
  • discusses results with the Dean of Studies and subject representatives
  • is responsible for updating academic reports

Degree Programme Commission

  • coordinates with other degree programme commissions and recommends assignment of a faculty's responsibility for degree programmes in a subject
  • iis responsible for planning, setting up and ongoing adjustments to the study programmes of an overarching subject
  • develops proposals for the structure of a degree programme, i.e. compilation of modules with allocation of ECTS credits
  • formulates requirements regarding the design of modules and subjects
  • makes proposals for determining module responsibility
  • makes suggestions for adapting the curricula to current needs or developments and available resources
  • coordinates with other degree programme commissions regarding the import/export of teaching and optimisation of teaching and learning units
  • prepares draft resolutions for the Faculty Board regarding the reorganisation of and changes to PO, FSB, SFB, SVP, etc.
  • advises the Dean of Studies on the selection of modules for module evaluation
  • preparation of analyses, evaluation and catalogue of measures as a report or draft resolution for the Faculty Board under the leadership of the Dean of Studies
  • provides general advice on questions relevant to the degree programme
  • prepares statement on the study programme audit
  • decides on updated degree programme reports (preparatory work for the preparation of the teaching report)
  • It is headed by one of the Dean of Studies of the Faculty.
  • The study commission is the degree programme commission for all degree programmes in the faculty.

Module Responsibles

  • The person responsible for the module is the managing director of the institute offering the module.
  • coordinates the content and quality of the courses offered in a module
  • organises and coordinates the other module lecturers with regard to compliance with the examination regulations
  • is responsible for the description of content and competences in the modules in cooperation with the study commission