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Faculty of Physics and Astronomy


Habilitation at the faculty

The habilitation serves to formally establish the scientific and pedagogical aptitude to become a professor in a scientific field represented by a professorship at the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Würzburg (teaching qualification).

In the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, habilitation is possible in the following fields of study, as well as in sub-fields thereof:

a) experimental physics,

b) theoretical physics,

c) astronomy,

d) nanostructure technology,

e) Didactics of physics.

The aim of the habilitation procedure is to give particularly qualified young academics the opportunity to perform tasks in research and teaching independently and to qualify for appointment to a professorship, if possible within four years, under the scientific supervision of a subject mentor.

Based on the determination of the teaching qualification, the University of Würzburg grants, upon application of the habilitated person, the authorization to teach in the subject area to which the teaching qualification relates.


Public traffic and service offers

Public traffic

Due to the current pandemic situation, the PhD-Office is partly occupied in home office again and the public traffic is reduced to a minimum.

You can reach us Mo.-Fr. morning via e-mail or phone.
For a personal appointment, please contact the PhD-Office by email.

Service offers

  • In the spirit of environmental protection, we offer a digital review in advance to check your application
  • The final application must be submitted printed with all original signatures. For this purpose you can use the in-house mail (e.g. PhD-office) or the mailbox at the service center
  • The faculty offers to have your 6 deposit copies of the dissertation printed and bound by Mr. Reul. Please contact the PhD-office for this purpose


Contact and further information

Employees:  Mrs. Sarah Giehl and Mrs. Jacqueline Müller

E-Mail:      promhabn@physik.uni-wuerzburg.de

Phone:      +49 931 31-83114

Room:       B024 (Building P1)

Address:  Am Hubland
                  attn. Habilitation-Office
                  97074 Würzburg


Any Questions?

If you have further questions about habilitation, please  mail to promhab@physik.uni-wuerzburg.de

You can reach this page via the following direct link: http://go.uniwue.de/habilphysik.