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Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie

Imaging Physics

Teaching Focus: Imaging Physics

Imaging Physics is concerned in the broadest sense with imaging methods that use electromagnetic interactions with matter. The understanding of these interactions and their targeted application is naturally the focus of interest.  

The fundamental concepts taught in the field of "Imaging Physics" therefore not only help students to prepare for working in the participating research groups, e.g. in the context of a Master's thesis, but also form an ideal basis for a subsequent career in science and industry, where imaging processes play an increasingly important role.


Lehrangebot im Bereich Imaging Physics

In addition to the advanced practical course (NMR experiment), there is a selection of courses on imaging physics in the Master's degree programme, with which you can optimally prepare for a thesis in this field:

Master modules:

  • Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging, module 11-MRI (6 ECTS), 3+1 SWS
  • Image and Signal Processing in Physics, module 11-BSV (6 ECTS), 2+2 SWS
  • Basic Imaging Concepts, module 11-BIC (6 ECTS), 3+1 SWS
  • Nano-Optics, module 11-NOP (6 ECTS), 3+1 SWS


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