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Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie

Condensed Matter Physics

Teaching Focus: Condensed Matter Physics

Condensed Matter Physics is one large area of physics, reaching from the investigation of fundamental properties and material science problems to practical applications, e.g. in microelectronics. It is characteristic for condensed matter physics that fundamentals and applications often lie side by side.


In our faculty Condensed Matter Physics is a central focus in research and teaching. There are plenty of lectures covering a wide spectrum of topics:

  • Electronic transport phenomena
  • Complex and topological quantum matter
  • Quantuminformation
  • Nanostructures and their fabrication
  • Spectroscopy with electrons and photons
  • material design and growth

Our faculty offers many lectures related to these fascinating fields of reserach. To be prepared for the many special courses in the field of condensed matter physics, we strongly recommend to take the following courses:

Bachelor modules:

  • Solid-state physics 2,  module 11-FK2B,  (8 ECTS), 4+2 SWS

Master modules:

  • Solid-state physics 2,  module 11-FK2,  (8 ECTS), 4+2 SWS
  • Theoretical solid-state physics 1,  module 11-TFK,  (8 ECTS), 4+2 SWS

An extensive list of courses can be found in the "Curriculum" section.