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Master's Application

General information on the Master's application


  • Bachelor's degree - Proof of a Bachelor's degree or at least 150 ECTS points in the respective Bachelor's degree programme.
  • Subject-specific competences - Details on the admission requirements for the Master's competences in various sub-disciplines (physics, mathematics, ...) can be found in § 4 of the respective Subject-Specific Provisions.


Online Application

Application Deadlines (closing date)

  • for the summer semester on 15 January
  • for the winter semester on 15 July

Application online via the WueStudy Master application portal. After successful registration you will receive an email with the registration access. Please follow the instructions contained therein. Your application will then be reviewed promptly. In case of further questions or missing documents, we will contact you.

Application Documents

What is required for the application:

  • Letter of motivation - (written detailed reasons for the choice of the field of study)
  • Curriculum vitae - Curriculum vitae in tabular form with photo
  • Bachelor's degree certificate - proof of Bachelor's degree or equivalently recognised degree (if already available)
  • Overview of previous study and examination achievements - showing the modules passed, respective ECTS points and grades (Transcript of Records or module certificate).
  • Overview of the outstanding modules or examinations - List of modules or examinations still open (only if 150 ECTS points have not yet been achieved)

Further information from the Office of Student Affairs on the Master's application procedure can be found on the website Master's programmes of the Student Affairs.


By default, you will not receive any further notifications from the WueStudy notification portal after registration for data protection reasons. For data protection reasons, only you yourself can actively determine whether we should inform you by e-mail about changes to the status of your application, e.g. about processing, approval and rejection of the application.

Please note that if you refuse your consent (default setting), you will not receive a status change email from us; you must track the status of your application in the portal yourself. Otherwise you will not be informed about an admission or refusal! Please use the ACTIVATE button or the FUNCTION "Print control sheet [PDF]" for information.


If you are considering applying for the Master's programme, please give special consideration to whether you will succeed in proving your Bachelor's degree in time. If you already know that your last exam will be after the deadline for the last submission of your Bachelor's degree certificate, you should think about it again.

If you are not sure, you have the option to apply first. You can withdraw the application until the application deadline. If you do not upload any documents, it will have the same effect.

Unfortunately, the transcripts stored in WueStudy do not explicitly show the total points achieved. The number of points awarded for the overall grade refers to the weighting of the grades in the calculation of the overall grade. For example, key qualifications that exceed the minimum number of points specified in the examination regulations are not counted.

The following applies to modules over two semesters:  If you have not yet completed the module but have passed one of the compulsory examinations (i.e. a written examination or the oral module examination), you may count the module with the full ECTS, according to the module's value, when determining the total number of points (to achieve the 150 ECTS).

If you have already been admitted in the previous semester and have not yet enrolled, please reapply in the WueStudy Master's application portal in the following semester using the previous application number.

You will find the previous application number, among others, in the email correspondence of the last application. This informs you that you are making use of the admission already granted and that you do not have to go through the whole admission procedure again. However, please upload the updated documents in the WueStudy Master application portal.

If you are provisionally enrolled in the Master's program in the second semester in the current semester and cannot submit your Bachelor's degree certificate in time, you can reapply via the portal (this is not a reapplication in the above sense!). Please also note the instructions, which you will receive by mail from the Office of Student Affairs.

If you can already foresee that you will not be able to meet the deadline for the submission of the Bachelor's certificate (re-registration deadline of the second provisional Master's semester) by a small margin, then it is possible to apply for a grace period informally by email at the Service Center.

Example 1: SS 23 = 2nd provisional Master semester: You must provide proof of your Bachelor's certificate by the end of the re-registration period for the following WS 23/24 on 29.06.2023. Upon application to the Office of Student Affairs, an extension until max. 15.09.2023 is possible before the end of the re-registration period.

Example 2: WS 23/24 = 2nd provisional Master semester: You must provide proof of your Bachelor's certificate by the end of the re-registration period for the following SS 24 on 24.01.2024. Upon application to the Office of Student Affairs, an extension until max. 15.03.2024 is possible before the end of the re-registration period.

In this case, we recommend that you coordinate the further procedure with the staff of the Service Center. In any case, please contact us only via Email.

If you have applied online and do not send in any documents, the application is invalid.


You will receive the admission or rejection notice after completion of the admission procedure, this is possible at the earliest after the application deadline.

If you do not have a Bachelor's degree at the time of application, admission will be provisional. With the admission you can enroll in the coming semester or the following semester.


  • interest in technical content
  • pleasure in solving complex problems
  • scientific curiosity
  • pleasure in working together in a team
  • perseverance

If you are admitted and do not enroll, you may still enroll the following semester (see Reapplicants).


See the item "Application Documents" on this website or explanations in the WueStudy master application portal.


In order to be finally admitted to the Master's program, you must provide proof of your Bachelor's degree by the re-registration deadline for the third semester at the latest.

Attention: Otherwise you will be de-registered from the Master's program!

In case of any problems or questions, please contact the staff of the Service Center in good time to discuss the further procedure. Please contact the Service Center via Email.

In the event of problems or questions, please contact the Service Center staff in good time to discuss how to proceed.

Please use the opening and office hours of the Service Center or contact us via Email.

WueStudy support has collected frequently asked technical questions and the answers to them. You can find them on WUEStudy Help and FAQ. Information as well as answers to content-related questions about the application and enrollment can be found at Start OnlineService.

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