International Master

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Application Periods & Deadlines

The general Deadlines for the applications are:

  • Starting winter semester (October): Applications have to be received by 15th July of each year
  • Starting summer semester (April): Applications have to be received by 15th January of each year

Please note, that despite of the above mentioned Deadlines, all applications are reviewed by the faculties admissions committee on a rolling basis when received and a decision on admission can be expected within two months.

Step 1 of the Application Process

Submitting the Application (one single PDF-File) to the Faculty's Examination Board

Important Hints

Do not proceed to step 2 without having received an official letter of admission from the faculty's examination board. In this case, the application will automatically be rejected by the university officials!

Step 2 of the Application Process

Submitting the original (official certified) Documents to the University's Administration