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Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie

Oral Module Examinations

General Notes

The faculty has decided on a new regulation of the formalities for the registration and conduct of the oral examinations as of 01.01.2020, see the document "Regulations on the choice of examiners" dated 18.11.2020 below.

Regulation Select Examiner

Examination periods and registration deadlines

Current Regulation Select Examiner

Examiners available in the examination periods

Examination periods and registration deadlines

Semester                                     Examination period              Registration Period WueStudy
Winter Semester                         01.10. - 31.03.                       C9 = Registration period WS
Summer Semester                     01.04. - 30.09.                       Z9 = Registration period  SS

Procedure and formalities of the examination

Appointments with the examiners can be arranged on an ongoing basis!

For the examination, the candidate must submit the following documents in the original:
a. completed examination registration form (incl. protocol on the reverse side),
b. Printout of the proof of electronic examination registration via WueStudy

Important notes and forms

  • Withdrawal from the examination is only possible up to 10 working days before the examination date at the latest. The withdrawal must be made informally and in writing to the examination board. An Email to is sufficient for this purpose.
  • Registration form oral module examination incl. examination protocol
    This must be completed by the student and presented at the examination. This and other forms can also be found in the study organisation section at
  • Confirmation of examination registration
    The proof of examination registration is to be downloaded directly by the student in WueStudy and printed out and presented at the examination.