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Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie

Undergraduate Laboratory Course

Information and Registration for Laboratory Course Physics

The Bachelor's laboratory course in Physics is offered twice each semester, during the lecture period and as a block course during the lecture-free period. Registration does not take place via WueStudy, but via the internship's electronic registration system (EAS).

The laboratory course is prepared and accompanied by the lectures Data and Error Analyses (11-P-FR1), sowie Advanced and Computational Data Analyses (11-P-FR2).

Important Notes on Registration and the Procedure:

Current Information

The experiment lists for the block course in March are now available via the links below. Access is via self-enrolment, the password required for this is the canonical password for the basic practical course.

Appointment Announcements


Announcement laboratory course lecture period SS2024

Registration will take place from 02.04. to 12.04.2024. The experiments will be carried out every Wednesday from 14:00 from week 19 onwards.


Announcement laboratory block course SS2024

Registration will take place from 21.05. to 31.05.2024. The experiments will be carried out in CW37 and CW38 2024.