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Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie

Start of Studies

The Faculty of Physics and Astronomy offers you a comprehensive support programme for a successful start to your studies.

Before the semester

Online-Math-Course OMB+

We offer you the OMB+ online mathscourse to prepare you for your studies. Recommended by more than 40 universities for preparation, the course offers you an individual, flexible opportunity to refresh your maths knowledge for your studies and gain confidence in applying the methods. The OMB+ consists of explanatory texts with many examples, interactive pictures, exercises and tests so that you can also test your knowledge.more

MINT Preparatory Course Mathematical Methods of Physics

As an intensive course lasting several days, the preliminary course serves in particular to refresh essential school maths knowledge, but also - no less importantly - to help students get to know each other more quickly. The counsellors are the first-year students' contacts for many of their typical problems, not just mathematical ones, at the start of their studies, which are often easier to deal with in this way. More

During the Semester


In the first two semesters of the physics degree programme, numerous tutorials are offered as a continuation of the MINT preliminary course. They offer the opportunity to practise and consolidate what you have learnt using your own supervised exercises. The dates of the tutorials can be found in the course catalogue.


JIM Explainers are students with suitable technical and didactic skills who provide students with assistance and answer questions at eye level. They should help to minimise known beginner problems, primarily when solving the exercises for the basic lectures. to the JIMs