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Online Registration

Important Hints

The online registration for courses is used for efficient room planning and is urgently needed to record preliminary work (e.g. exercises) 
and/or bonus work as well as to record course work completed in modules that last more than just one semester.

According to ASPO or LASPO, online registration for exams/modules is mandatory so that the student can take and book an exam. In addition, 
this serves to articulate to the student where the coursework should be booked if the subject-specific provisions provide for different booking options. 

Without a timely online registration for participation and online exam registration, it is not possible to record previous achievements, bonus achievements 
or proof of attendance, and it is also not possible to post completed academic achievements.

Participation in the exam without registering for the exam in good time is not possible.

Participation in the exam and the successful completion of the exam does not cure the failure to register. This means that the successfully completed
exam is not passed if you do not register.
Please take this very seriously and help us with the efficient and fast administration of your studies.

Technical requirements

1. User account of the data center (s1234567) with password: You will receive the account and password at enrollment! You can find more information about your account and the WueStudy system here.

2. Successful re-enrolment:  You must re-enroll for the upcoming semester. This is possible, for example, electronically through WueStudy.