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Rudolf-Kaiser Prize 2005 for senior academic assistant Dr. Georg Schmidt

The 'Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft' is a union of over 3000 companies, business associations, foundations and private sponsors. In co-operation with big scientific organizations the 'Stiftverband' awards science prizes. To promote young scientific researchers in the field of experimental physics the 'Rudolf-Kaiser-Stiftung' awards the Rudolf-Kaiser Prize worth 30000 €.

In 2005 Dr. Georg Schmidt received the Rudolf-Kaiser Prize. The recipient has been at the University of Würzburg since 1999 and habilitated in 2004 in Experimental Physics. He is head of the work group 'Spintronics' at the Chair for Experimental Physics III.

Pictures of the presentation of the Prize on January 16th 2006

In a ceremony at the 'Neubaukirche' of the University of Würzburg, senior academic assistant Dr. Georg Schmidt was honored for his achievements. You can start the slide show by clicking the right button on the menu bar below.