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Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie


Welt der Physik

'Welt der Physik' (World of Physics) wants to get and keep the population interested in physics and natural sciences. In order to do so they present research achievements in easy to understand articles. They also provide information on public financed research projects and experiments, as well as Germany's research profile.

Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG)

The 'Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft' (German Physics Society), which has tradition dating back to 1845, is the oldest and biggest physics society world wide with more than 55000 members. It is the forum and medium of physics and a non-profit organization which does not persue economical interests.

Young researchers

Information on the biggest European Youth contest in the area of natural sciences.

Physics-Portal of Wikipedia

The theme portal physics of the big online encyclopedia. Many prized and readable articles on various areas of physics.

Physics portal -

The basic elements for studies and research can be found here: course lists and dissertations, tenders and scholarships, events and job market. New and selected older articles of „Physik Journal“ (physics journal) can be downloaded.