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Nobel Prize Winners

The Nobel Prize in Physics recipients on 'Röntgenring', Würzburg

Wissenschaftsmeile Röntgenring

Under the patronage of President Horst Köhler the federal government of Germany, the federation of German industries and some other companies initiated the image campaign „Deutschland – Land der Ideen“ ('Germany - Country of Ideas', In the year of hosting the soccer world cup, this campaign was aimed to show the world, how German poets and philosophers, researchers and inventors, artists and composers have made life more comfortable, safer and nicer for centuries.

The University of Würzburg won one of the popular spots as selected city in the 'Country of Ideas' with their suggestion for a „Wissenschaftsmeile Röntgenring“ ('Mile of Science - Röntgenring')

10 out of the 13 Nobel Prize recipients of the University of Würzburg researched and lectured within a mere 200 meters on Röntgenring in Würzburg between the former Department of Physics and the Old Chemistry Building.

The physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (Nobel Prize 1901) is the most famous among them, but there are also others like Walther Nernst (Nobel Prize 1920) or Karl Landsteiner (Nobel Prize 1930) who acquired knowledge that benefits our society today. Although 13 is supposed to be an unlucky number, it is a special one for the university because of these thirteen scientists. You can find further information on Nobel Prize winners who researched and lectured in Würzburg on the sub pages (menu on the left side).

With the project 'Wissenschaftsmeile Röntgenring' the Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg introduces not only these thirteen top researchers but also their historic work place. In reminiscence of the former achievements of the Nobel Prize recipients associated with Würzburg the university wants to point out that they do the best they can to do top research and welcome young students and scientists from all around the world, today and in the future, so maybe a fourteenth Nobel Prize recipient can be added to the list soon.