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    Student Council


    Fachschaft für Physik und Nanostrukturtechnik
    Physikalisches Institut
    Fachschaftszimmer Raum B 015
    Am Hubland
    D - 97074 Würzburg
    Tel.: 0931 888 5150
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    The Physics and Nanotechnology Student Council

    The Student Council consists of 7 elected physics students and everyone who is interested in ensuring that the students are entitled to have a say regarding practicums, tests, profs, etc. The Student Council organizes orientation days for new students, to help them arrange their course schedule, to get to know the profs which will lecture their courses, to find their way around campus and to provide answers for all questions concerning their studies (besides the student advisor). Further important tasks are the annual summer festival ('Sommerfest der Physik & Astronomie') on campus including the volleyball tournament - rain or shine -, as well as the carnival party. In the student council room, where some of the members seem to live, lecture scripts and used books are being sold as well. It is also a place to chat, discuss and for the weekly student council meeting where they talk about recent faculty topics and plan the next coffee purchase. Well, now you should know the basics. If not, you will on your first day here at the faculty...