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Prof. Dr. Eberhard Umbach is the new president
of the 'Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft
' (German physics society)

Prof. Dr. Eberhard Umbach (Chair of Experimental Physics II) is the new president of the 'Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft' (DPG) since April 1st 2006.

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Röntgen's legacy succeeds Einstein

Eberhard Umbach, physics professor of the University of Würzburg and spokesperson of an elite degree, is the new president of the 'Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft' (DPG)

Prof. Umbachs period of office as DPG-president starts April 1st 2006 and lasts two years. DPG is the oldest and, with more than 50000 members, the largest physics society world-wide. The list of members is like a "Who is who" of physics. Former presidents of this society include several world-famous researchers like Max Planck and Albert Einstein. Since 1993, Umbach holds the Chair of Experimental Physics at the University of Würzburg, which Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen held once. At the moment Umbach is creating the elite degree 'FOKUS Physik', which officially starts in the winter term 2006/07. A novelty of this degree: For the first time several Max-Planck-Institutes from everywhere in Germany are involved in the research related part of student training. The decisive factor is not local proximity but the institutes main research topics and their cooperation with the Department of Physics in Würzburg. Researchers of the Max-Planck-Institute will help with seminars in Würzburg and provide research projects. Courses will generally be in german, though some events will be in english.