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Michael Klasen - Münster

Dienstag, 05. Februar 2013 06:29 Uhr

Prof. Landwehr was an engaged teacher and a committed supporter of French-German friendship with long-standing ties to Grenoble. I am deeply saddened by his passing and send my sympathies to his family and Würzburg colleagues.

Angelika und Michael von Ortenberg - Hoechberg

Dienstag, 05. Februar 2013 05:21 Uhr

Ein grosses Leben hat sich geschlossen! Wir sind dankbar, dass wir Dir begegnen durften.

Eugen Sheregii - University of Rzeszow

Dienstag, 05. Februar 2013 05:21 Uhr

Knowing Gottfried Landwehr for many years ago I was deeply shaken when I learned he passed away.
His memory will always stay with us together with his outstanding books and articles.

Emmanuel Rashba - Harvard, Cambridge

Montag, 04. Februar 2013 22:50 Uhr

It was highly sad news for me to learn that Professor Gottfried Landwehr passed away. Gottfried not only was a great scientist and inspiring leader whom the scientific community will badly miss but also a gracious and charming person. For me Gottfried was a dear personal friend for three decades. Our friendship started with editing a contributed Volume of review papers. It was a special privilege to enjoy his hospitality in Wurzburg, and I also was honored to have him as a guest in Moscow and Cambridge. I am expressing my condolences to Gottfried’s colleagues with this terrible loss. Please convey my deep condolences to Gottfried’ family.
Emmanuel Rashba from Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) 

Can-Ming Hu - Canada

Montag, 04. Februar 2013 22:21 Uhr

Knowing Prof. Landwehr for more than 20 years, I am very sad to learn that he passed away. I am one of the many physicists from China who owe our scientific career to his generous help. It remains a fresh memory of the interview he gave me and 5 other graduate students in 1991 in Beijing. After that I had the fortune of coming to his department in Würzburg for my graduate study, where I received his unswerving support and was continuously encouraged by his kindness. The last private dinner we had together was in June 2009 near his house, and his happy smile illuminated by the candle light of the restaurant has now become my gratifying memory. This Great Person will live in my heart forever.