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Theoretical Physics II

Master Theses

2018-12Pfeuffer FabianEfficient solutions of memory integrals
2018-11Geisler SimonCharge and color breaking minima in models with extended Higgs sectors
2018-09Yang LiuDark matter in supersymmetric inverse-seesaw models
2018-06Peter MeinzingerEffects of Lepto-Quarks and Scalar Gluons on B-Meson Observables
2018-03Matteo BoserFermionic contributions to non-equilibrium processes in quantum field theory
2016-10Matthias KübertThe combination of muon to 3 electron decays and neutrino phenomenology as a probe for a left-right-symmetric model
2016-09Raimond AbtBRST quantization of massive spin-2 particles in the Stückelberg formalism
2016-09Florian AmannCalculation of QCD cross sections in a basis of SU(3) coherent states
2015-07Philipp OtterbeinQuantisierung der Spinorelektrodynamik auf dem Anti-deSitter-Raum und allgemeinen statischen Raumzeiten
2015-06Christoph GroßLeptogenesis in the nuMSM self-consistent treatment of Thermal self-energies
2014-10Thomas GarrattCosmological Constraints on Long-Lived, Heavy d-Quarks
2014-01Bijan Chokoufe NejadNumerical Calculations of Multi-Jet Cross Sections
2013-11Jean-Nicolas LangThe Complex Mass Scheme, Gauge Dependence and Unitarity in perturbative Quantum Field Theory
2012-07Manuel KraußLHC phenomenology of a Z' decaying into supersymmetric particles
2010-10Klaus KlopferAnalytical and numerical calculation of top-antitop-photon and top-antitop-Z-boson cross-sections with anomalous couplings
2010-09Martin KraußMassive neutrinos in supersymmetric models from higher than d=5 effective operators
2010-05Julia HarzLepton-Flavor Verletzung am ATLAS-Experiment am Beispiel des Zerfalls $~{\chi}^0_2 --> ~{\chi} ^0_1 \tau \mu$
2010-03Matthias BruhnkeSquark-Zerfälle in bosonische Endzustände
2009-10Fabian BachPhenomenology of the Three Site Higgsless Model at the ATLAS detector of the LHC