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Würzburg, the city

and its various districts

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  • for 1 to 6 months

University Guest House,
(please contact us if you are interested)

Gästehaus der Universität Würzburg
Am Studentenhaus, 97072 Würzburg

  • from 1 month onwards

HC24 Würzburg, in Würzburg and in the vicinity,

Zeller Str. 16, 97082 Würzburg

Tel. +49 (0)931-416616

  • from 2 days onwards

Appart Hotel International, in Hermann-Schell-Str. 3, 97074 Würzburg

Pension Ruder, Veit-Stoß-Str. 6, 97218 Gerbrunn

  • rooms with usual hotel service

Hotel guide for Würzburg

Learn German

The UWGS (University of Würzburg Graduate School) proposes two courses adressing absolute beginners and more advanced learners, respectively: "German Language Courses for Doctoral Students & Postdocs"

The Zentrum für Sprachen (web page only in German) proposes German courses for foreigners and also other languages (Arabic, English, French, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish)