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Theoretical Physics II

Archiv - Projects and Funding

Collaborative Research Projects

(Funding of the the Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF)

  • Joint Project 05H2018
    Precision predictions for vector-boson scattering, vector-boson pair production and top-quark production
  • Joint Project 05H2015
    Physics at highest energies with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC (BMBF-FSP 103): Physics at the LHC: Theory and Experiment (Data nanalysis, ATLAS Upgrade Phase I)
  • Joint Project 05H2012
    Production of top-antitop pairs and supersymmetric scenarios with compressed mass spectrum at the LHC: precision calculations and phenomenological analyses
  • Joint Project 05H2009
    Calculations and phenomenological analyzes for the search for new particles and interactions beyond the Standard Model
  • Joint Project 05HT2006
    Search for Higgs bosons and physics beyond the Standard Model in collider experiments: Calculations and phenomenological analysis
  • Joint Project 05HT2004
    Theoretical foundations for the search for new particles and interactions in accelerator experiments

German Research Funding (DFG)

  • Cosmological phase transitions: field theoretical and numerical developments
  • Leptoquarks: Flavor anomalies, LHC and models
  • Precise predictions for vector-boson scattering at hadron colliders
  • Automating electroweak NLO corrections for physics beyond the Standard Model
  • Higgs production and decay in models with extra singlets and doublets - Precise predictions for the LHC
  • Precision calculations for loop-induced Higgs boson production and decay processes
  • Electroweak NLO corrections for LHC processes without Feynman diagrams
  • Supersymmetric left-right models: LHC-phenomenology, parameter determination and model discrimination
  • Flavour and CP physics in supersymmetric theories
  • Theoretical foundations and phenomenological consequences of supersymmetric extensions of the Standard Model of elementary particle physics
  • Neutrinos from terrestrial and cosmic accelerators and their role in physics beyond the Standard Model
  • Development of methods for calculating many-particle amplitudes at the single-loop level and their application

DFG Graduate School GRK1147

"Theoretical Astrophysics and Particle Physics"

  • 2005-2015: Theoretical Astrophysics and Particle Physics

PROCOPE Programme

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

HGF Initiating and Networking

Cooperation with DESY Hamburg and DESY Zeuthen
  • Universelle Ereignisgeneratoren für zukünftige Lepton-Collider
  • Computer algebra and higher orders in Particle Physics
  • Physics at the Terascale

DFG Emmy Noether Programme

  • Phenomenology of Neutrino oscillations

DFG Heisenberg Programme

  • Neutrinos from terrestrial and cosmic accelerators and physics beyond the Standard Model


Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Sofja Kovalevskaja funding

  • Precise calculations in particle physics and large scale computation