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Theoretical Physics II

Projects and Funding

Collaborative Research Projects

(Funding of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF)

  • Joint Project 05H2021
    Precision predictions for vector boson pair production, vector boson scattering and associated top pair production with polarization (Run 3 of ATLAS at the LHC)
  • Joint Project 05H2024 (ErUM-FSP T02)
    Run 3 of ATLAS at the LHC: Precision predictions for the scattering of polarized vector bosons

German Research Funding (DFG)

  • Composite Higgs models: new signatures and their consequences for searches at the LHC and future accelerators
  • Composite Higgs models in the framework of gauge gravity dualities
  • Precise predictions for polarized vector boson scattering at the LHC
  • Electroweak corrections at very high energies for many-particle processes

DAAD GEnKO Programme of the German Academic Exchange Service

  • German-Korean partnership programme
    Composite Higgs Models, tools and strategies for searches of exotic signatures