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Theoretical Physics II

Projects and Funding

Collaborative Research Projects

(Funding of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF)

  • Collaborative Research Project 05H2018 - THEORY
    Precision predictions for vector-boson scattering, vector-boson pair production and top-quark production. 
  • Collaborative Research Project 05H2015
    Physics at highest energies with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC (BMBF-FSP 103): Physics at the LHC: Theory and Experiment (Data nanalysis, ATLAS Upgrade Phase I)

German Research Funding (DFG)

  • Cosmological phase transitions: field theoretical and numerical improvements
  • Leptoquarks: Flavour-Anomalien, LHC und Modellen
  • Precise predictions for vector-boson scattering at hadron colliders / Präzise Vorhersagen für die Vektorboson-Streuung an Hadron-Kollidern
  • Automatisierung von elektroschwachen NLO Korrekturen für Physik jenseits des Standardmodells
  • Higgs production and decay in models with extra singlets and doublets ? Precise predictions for the LHC
  • Precision calculations for loop-induced Higgs-boson production and decay processes

PROCOPE Programme of the German Academic Exchange Service

  • PPP Programme with Peru:  The neutrino gateway to new physics