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Theoretical Physics II

PhD Theses

Jahr Name Thema
2024-06 Robert Franken Precision Predictions for W+W− Scattering at the LHC
2023-06 Amitayus Banik Two Approaches to the Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe
2017-10 Jean-Nicolas Lang Automation of electroweak NLO corrections in general models
2016-07 Christian Pasold           QCD and electroweak NLO correction to W + Photon and Z + Photon production including leptonic decays
2015-12 Manuel Krauß Non-minimal supersymmetric models: LHC phenomenology and model discrimination
2015-05 Jose Eliel Camargo Vacuum stability of models with many scalars
2014-09 Mauricio Bustamante Ultra-high-energy neutrinos and cosmic rays from gamma-ray bursts: exploring and updating the connection
2014-02 Martin Krauß Testing Models with Higher Dimensional Effective Interactions at the LHC and Dark Matter Experiments
2013-12 Philipp Baerwald Neutrinos from gamma-ray bursts, and the multi-messenger connection
2013-09 Fabian Bach Charged Current Top Couplings at the LHC
2013-04 Svenja Hümmer Neutrinos aus photohadronischen Wechselwirkungen in kosmischen Beschleunigern
2012-12 Christoph Uhlemann Holographic Description of Curved-Space Quantum Field Theory and Gravity
2012-04 Lisa Edelhäuser Model Independent Spin Determination at Hadron Colliders
2012-02 Stefan Liebler LHC phenomenology and higher order electroweak corremodels with and without R-parity
2011-12 Jian Tang Phenomenology of neutrino oscillations at the neutrino factory
2011-10 Alexander Schenkel Noncommutative gravity and quantum field theory on noncommutative curved spacetimes
2011-02 Florian Staub Considerations on supersymmetric Dark Matter beyond the MSSM
2010-07 Thomas Schutzmeier Matrix elements for the $\bar{B} \to X_s \gamma$ decay at NNLO
2009-02 Christian Speckner LHC Phenomenology of the three-site Higgsless Model
2009-11 Alexander Knochel Supersymmetry in a sector of higgsless electroweak symmetry breaking
2009-09 Florian Plentiger Systematic model building with flavor symmetries
2008-07 Alexander Wagner Production of Sleptons in $e^-e^-$-collisions
2008-07 Tim Koslowski Cosmological sectors in loop quantum gravity
2008-05 Stefan Karg Calculations of multi-particle processes at the one-loop level: precise predictions for the LHC
2007-08 Ana Alboteanu Theoretische Grundlagen und phänomenologische Konsequenzen nichtkommutativer Erweiterungen des Standardmodells der Elementarteilchenphysik
2007-07 Jörg Zeiner Noncommutative Quantumelectrodynamics from Seiberg-Witten maps to all orders in $\theta^{\mu\nu}$
2007-04 Sigrun Csallner Produktion und Nachweis schwerer Selektronen
2006-06 Federico von der Pahlen                  Polarization and spin effects in production and decay of charginos and neutralinos at a muon collider
2005-04 Olaf Kittel CP violation in production and decay of supersymmetric particles
2005-03 Frank Deppisch Towards a reconstruction of the SUSY seesaw model
2004-10 Alexander Mück The standard model in 5D: theoretical consistency and experimental constraints
2004-02 Andreas Redelbach SUSY seesaw model and phenomenological implications for leptonic processes at low energies and leptogenesis
1999 Gudrid Moortgat-Pick Spineffekte in Chargino-/Neutralino Produktion und Zerfall
1999 Stefan Hesselbach Neutralinos in Superstring-inspirierten E6-Modellen