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Theoretical Physics II

Particle Theory Seminar

Thursdays, 5:15 pm, (Physik West - SE 22.00.017) ---- online ----

Contact: Dr. Giovanni Pelliccioli         

Talks in the Winter Term 2020-21

05.11.  Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Manfred Lindner, Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik:
The XENON1T excess, theoretical interpretations and implications

12.11. Dr. Enrico Bothmann, Universität Göttingen:
Making Monte-Carlo event generators fit for the HL-LHC era

19.11. Dr. Matteo Fael, KIT Karlsruhe
The MUonE Project

26.11. MSc. Martin Gabelmann, KIT Karlsruhe
Precision Higgs boson mass predictions in the (split) N/MSSM

03.12. MSc. Christian T. Preuss, Monash University Melbourne, Australia
Towards Efficient Matching and Merging with the Vincia Sector Shower

10.12. MSc. Maximilian Delto, KIT Karlsruhe:
Mixed QCD-electroweak corrections to on-shell vector boson production within the nested soft-collinear subtraction scheme

28.01.2021 Prof. George Zoupanos, LMU München/NTU Athens


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