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Theoretical Physics II

Particle Theory Seminar

Thursdays, 5:15 pm, (Physik West - SE 22.00.017)

Contact: Dr. Christopher Schwan

Talks in the Summer Term 2022

28.04. Dr. Alexander Huss, CERN
Precision phenomenology at the LHC and the dawn of differential N3LO predictions

05.05. Dr. Matthias Kerner, KIT
Top-quark mass effects in Higgs production processes

12.05. Dr. Christopher Schwan, JMU
Fitting proton PDFs with EW corrections in NNPDF

19.05. Prof. Dr. Christoph Lehner, Universität Regensburg
The state of the muon g-2

02.06. Dr. William J. Torres Bobadilla, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft München
Causal representation of multi-loop scattering amplitudes within the loop-tree duality

09.06. MSc. Ryan Moodie, Durham University
Optimising hadron collider simulations using amplitude neural networks

23.06. Dr. Johann Usovitsch, CERN
The multiloop-techniques emerging through the quest to compute high precision physics

30.06. --- c a n c e l l e d --- Dr. Simon Plätzer, University of Graz
Colour and electroweak evolution and a new paradigm for event generators

07.07. --- o n l i n e --- Dr.  Djuna Croon, Durham University
Rethinking false vacuum decay

14.07. MSc. Marten Berger, Universität Hamburg
Constraining BSM models using high precision observables

21.07. Dr.  Brian Quinn Henning, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Nonperturbative scattering amplitudes from Hamiltonian truncation

28.07. Prof. Dr. Gavin Salam, University of Oxford
Cuts for two-body decays at colliders