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Theoretical Physics II

Particle Theory Seminar

Thursdays, 5:15 pm, (Physik West - SE 22.00.017)

Contact: Dr. Christopher Schwan

Talks in the Winter Term 2022-23

20.10. Dr. Marco Bonetti, RWTH
NLO mixed QCD-Electroweak corrections for Higgs production at the LHC

27.10.  Dr. Avik Banerjee, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Exotic LHC signatures for partial compositeness

03.11. Dr. Hjalte Frellesvig, University of Copenhagen
Epsilon Factorized Differential Equations for Elliptic Feynman Integrals

10.11. --- o n l i n e --- Prof.  Simon Badger, University of Turin
Tackling amplitude complexity with finite fields and neural networks

17.11. Prof. Lorenzo Tancredi, TUM
New developments for loop calculations

24.11. MSc. Colomba Brancaccio, RWTH
ttH production at the LHC and the top-to-Higgs fragmentation function

01.12. MSc. Lukas Simon, RWTH
Higgs-Strahlung: A Gate to New Physics

08.12. MSc. Santiago Lopez Portillo Chavez, University of Tübingen
Hadronic production of ttZ in the POWHEG BOX framework

15.12. MSc. Jannis Lang, KIT
Effective field theory descriptions of Higgs boson pair production at NLO QCD

- - - 2023 - - -

12.01. Prof. Stefano Frixione, CERN

19.01. Dr. Rene Poncelet, University of Cambridge

26.01. Dr. Simon Plätzer, University of Graz
Colour and electroweak evolution and a new paradigm for event generators

02.02. Dr. Alexander Mück, RWTH Aachen

09.02. Prof. Guy D. Moore, Technische Universität Darmstadt