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Theoretical Physics II

Particle Theory Seminar

Thursdays, 5:15 pm, (Physik West - SE 22.00.017) ---- online ----

Contact: Dr. Giovanni Pelliccioli         

Talks in the Summer Term 2021

25.03. MSc. Christoph Haitz, ETH Zurich
Regularising divergences in higher order corretions to collider physics perdictions

15.04. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Björn Garbrecht, TUM
Gradient effects on false vacuum decay (in gauge theory)

22.04. Dr. Vladyslav Shtabovenko, KIT
Energy-energy correlation in hadronic Higgs decays: a novel observable for the future lepton colliders

29.04. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Tilman Plehn, Heidelberg University
Invertible and Generative Networks for LHC Theory

06.05. Prof. Tao Han, University of Pittsburgh
EW physics at very high energies: A multi-TeV muon collider as a case study

20.05. Dr. Max Zoller, University of Zurich
Two-Loop Rational Terms

27.05. Prof. Aneesh Manohar, UC San Diego
The Renormalization-Group Improved Effective Potential

10.06. Dr. Björn Herrmann, Université Savoie Mont Blanc
Dark matter phenomenology in scotogenic models

24.06. Prof. Benjamin Fuks, Sorbonne Université Paris
Probing heavy neutrinos and the Weinberg operator in double-beta processes at the LHC

01.07. Dr. Timo Schmidt, JMU Würzburg
Full NLO predictions for ZZ scattering and its irreducible background at the LHC

08.07. Prof. Alexander Lenz, Universität Siegen
D-mixing revisited