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Theoretical Physics III

Würzburg Seminar on Quantum Field Theory and Gravity

SS 2024: Tuesday 14:15 - 15:15 Uhr, online/onsite

Date                    Speaker                 Title
16.04.2024 (onsite) Ziming Ji (Sissa University) Mass gap and confinement in AdS
23.04.2024 (online) Eugenia Colafranceschi (University of Western Ontario) Type I von Neumann algebras from gravitational path integrals: Ryu–Takayanagi as entropy without holography
30.04.2024 (onsite) Sergei V Ketov (Tokyo University) Unravelling the Darkness of the Universe
07.05.2024 (onsite, 10:15) Alessio Caddeo (University of Oviedo) Fracton gravity from spacetime dipole symmetry
07.05.2024 (onsite)
Andrew Rolph (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Chaotic black hole evaporation
14.05.2024 (onsite) Nana Geraldine Cabo Bizet (Universidad de Guanajuato) T-dualities in gauged linear sigma models
28.05.2024 (onsite) Sara Murciano (Caltech) An entanglement asymmetry study of black hole radiation
11.06.2024 (onsite) Joseph Lap (Yale University) Holographic Approaches to Splitting Quenches
18.06.2024 (onsite) Gideon Vos (Czech Academy of Sciences) Behind-the-horizon excitations from a single 2d CFT
25.06.2024 (onsite, 10:15, SE 4) Arnab Kundu (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics) Quantum Aspects of Black Holes from Brickwalls
25.06.2024 (onsite) Stefan Kehrein (University of Göttingen) Page curve-like behavior in an exactly solvable model
02.07.2024 (onsite) Sukrut Mondkar (IIT Madras) Holographic Gubser Flow
09.07.2024 (onsite, 10:15, SE 4) Kritinan Pongsangangan (TU Dresden) Transport properties of interacting Dirac electrons in two spatial dimensions: the role of dynamical screening
09.07.2024 (onsite) Elias Kiritsis (University of Crete) Confining holographic QFTs on AdS
16.07.2024 Shozab Qasim (FU Berlin) TBA

WS 2023/2024: Tuesday 14:15 - 15:15 Uhr, online/onsite (SE4)

Date                     Speaker                  Title
17.10.2023 (online) Tanay Kibe (IIT Madras) A stabilizer code with non-invertible symmetries: Strange fractons, confinement and a novel fusion category
24.10.2023 (online) Hareram Swain (IIT Madras) A semi-holographic model for strange metallic behavior
31.10.2023 (online, 17:15) Alexey Milekhin (Caltech) Revisiting Brownian Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model (and its possible relations to de Sitter)
07.11.2023 (online, 15:15) Luca Capizzi (LPTMS Paris) A universal formula for the entanglement asymmetry of matrix product states
14.11.2023 (online) Shao-Kai Jian (Tulane U.) Weak measurement in conformal field theory and holography
21.11.2023 (online, 13:15) Zhenbin Yang (Tsinghua U.) Finite-cutoff JT gravity and self-avoiding loops
28.11.2023 (online, 13:15) Ling-Yan Hung (Tsinghua U.) RG fixed point tensors, factorisation in 2D CFT and holographic tensor networks
28.11.2023 (online, 14:45) Ronak Soni (Cambridge U.) A Type I Approximation of the Crossed Product
05.12.2023 (onsite) Ingmar Saberi (LMU Munich) Current algebras, superconformal theories, and twisted holography
12.12.2023 (onsite, 13:15) Fabian Haneder (Regensburg U.) Genus expansions and non-factorisation in periodic orbit sums: a proposal for holography in two-dimensional quantum gravity
12.12.2023 (online, 14:45) José Calderon Infante (CERN) Emergence of Species Scale Black Hole Horizons
09.01.2024 (online, 15:15) Barbara Soda (Perimeter Inst.) Model for emergence of spacetime from fluctuations
16.01.2024 (onsite) Adi Armoni (Swansea U.) S-Dual of Maxwell-Chern-Simons Theory
23.01.2024 (online) Etsuko Ituo (YITP, Kyoto U.) Schwinger model in the Hamiltonian formalism
30.01.2024 (online, 16:15) Scott Watson (Syracuse U.) Inflation from Purgatory
01.02.2024 (onsite, 16:00) Matthew Headrick (Brandeis U.) Geometric Surprises in the Python’s Lunch Conjecture
06.02.2024 (onsite) Umut Gursoy (Utrecht U.) Spin Hydrodynamics




SS 2023: Tuesday 14:15 - 15:15 Uhr, online/onsite

Date                    Speaker                 Title
18.04.2023 Dr. David Rodriguez-Fernandez (IFT Madrid) T-linear resistivity and optical conductivity for a holographic local quantum critical metal in a periodic potential
25.04.2023 Dr. Jácome Armas (U. of Amsterdam) Fracton Superfluids
02.05.2023 Dr. Eric Yair Lescano (Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb) N=1 supersymmetry in 4D gravity with torsion and non-metricity
09.05.2023 Michel Pannier (FSU Jena) Flat-Space Holography in 3D: Matter Fields and Higher Spins
09.05.2023 Prof. Xavier Bekaert (U. Tours) Higher-spin extensions of BMS algebra
16.05.2023 Kazuki Ikeda (Stony Brook University, USA) Physics of Quantum Energy Teleportation
24.07.2023 (Monday) Dr. Sara Murciano (Caltech) Entanglement asymmetry and quantum Mpemba effect




WS 2022/2023: Tuesday 14:15 - 15:15 Uhr, online/onsite

Date                    Speaker                 Title
18.10.2022 Kazuki Ikeda (Stony Brook U.) Quantum computation from a viewpoint of qubits and operator algebras
25.10.2022 Sebastian Grieninger (Stony Brook U.)
Pseudo-spontaneous U(1) Symmetry Breaking in Hydrodynamics and Holography 
08.11.2022 (3 pm) Joseph Maciejko (Alberta U.) Hyperbolic band theory
15.11.2022 Kasia Budzik (Perimeter Institute) Conformal defects from string field theory
22.11.2022 (5 pm) Elliott Gesteau (Caltech) Fractal holography
29.11.2022 Filiberto Ares (Sissa) Entanglement Negativity in Minimal Conformal Field Theories
06.12.2022 Flavio Nogueira (IFW Dresden) Renormalization group as a quantum channel, momentum space entanglement, and the separability of fixed points
13.12.2022 Nele Callebaut (Cologne U.) Reconstructing bulk equation of motion using CFT modular Hamiltonians
20.12.2022 Dr. Gabriel Wong (Harvard U.) 3d gravity and gravitational entanglement entropy
10.01.2023 Himanshu Gaur (IIT Bombay) Symmetry Resolved Entanglement Entropy in Hyperbolic de Sitter spacetime
17.01.2023 Igancio Reyes (MPI, Potsdam)
       QFT of compact stars
24.01.2023 Roberto Emparan (University of Barcelona and ICREA, Barcelona) Holographic duals of evaporating black holes
31.01.2023 (5:00 pm online) Luca Iliesiu (Stanford) The volume of the black hole interior at very late times 
07.02.2023 Shayan Majidy (U. of Waterloo) Non-Abelian symmetry can increase entanglement entropy




SS 2022: Tuesday 14:15 - 15:00 Uhr, online/onsite

Date                    Speaker                 Title
03.05.2022 (Online via Zoom) Aranya Bhattacharya (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) Some explorations on complexity using Lanczos algorithm in Krylov space
10.05.2022 (On-Site, SE1) Ioannis Matthaiakakis (University of Genoa and INFN, Genoa) Destroying superconductivity with an electric field
17.05.2022 (Online via Zoom) Ayan Mukhopadhyay (IITM Chennai, India) Generalized Clausius inequality, error tolerant memory and the quantum null energy condition
24.05.2022 (On-Site, SE1)
Matthias Kaminski (University of Alabama)
Relativistic spin hydrodynamics with torsion
31.05.2022 (Online via Zoom) Guilherme Pimentel (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa) Differential equations for cosmological correlators
14.06.2022 (On-Site, SE1) Yang Liu (University of Würzburg) Applying AdS/QCD methods to composite Higgs models
21.06.2022 Mihailo Čubrović (Institute of Physics Belgrade, Serbia) Replicas and factorization in the IKKT matrix model
28.06.2022 Alessandra Gnecchi (Max-Planck-Institute for Physics, Munich) Islands and Light Gravitons in type IIB String Theory
05.07.2022 TBA TBA
12.07.2022 TBA TBA
19.07.2022 TBA TBA
26.07.2022 TBA TBA




WS 2021/2022: Thursday 15:30 - 16:30 Uhr, online

Date                    Speaker                 Title
21.10.2021 Samir D. Mathur (The Ohio State University) Resolution of the black hole information paradox: The Fuzzball Paradigm
28.10.2021 Vinay Malvimat (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, India) Entanglement Negativity in Holography and its Island Construction
04.11.2021 Oliver Schlotterer (Uppsala Uiversity) Two loop superstring five-point amplitudes
11.11.2021 Umut Gursoy (Utrecht University) Spin hydrodynamics
18.11.2021 no seminar no seminar
Gabriel Lopes Cardoso (IST Lisbon)
Observations on holographic aspects of asymptotically flat four-dimensional N=2 black holes
02.12.2021 beginn at 5 pm Mark Van Raamsdonk (University of British Columbia) Cosmology from confinement
09.12.2021 Julian Sonner (University of Geneva) Random matrices and black holes: new connections from holographic duality

Roberto Emparan (University of Barcelona and ICREA, Barcelona) 

Digging traversable wormholes
23.12.2021 TBA TBA
12.01.2022 beginn at 4 pm Sebastian Grieninger (IFT, Madrid) Is the Chiral Magnetic Effect fast enough?
13.01.2022 Giorgio Torrieri (University of Campinas) The hidden gauge symmetry of relativistic dissipative hydrodynamics
Joshua Kames-King (University of Bonn)
Deformations of JT gravity and Spectral Complexity
27.01.2022 David Mateos (University of Barcelona) Holography in the gravitational wave era
03.02.2022 Johannes Knaute (AEI, Potsdam)
A big bang in the quantum world: Towards an understanding of meson melting from tensor network and quantum simulations
10.02.2022 Serguei V. Ketov, (Albert-Einstein-Institute for Gravitational Physics, Golm) Formation of primordial black holes after Starobinsky inflation in supergravity




SS 2021: Tuesday 14:00 - 15:00 Uhr, online

Date                    Speaker                 Title
13.04.2021 Yuta Kikuchi (Brookhaven National Lab) Noisy quantum recovery from scrambling dynamics
20.04.2021 Per Kraus (UCLA) 3d gravity in a box
27.04.2021 Vitaly Vanchurin (U. of Minnesota, Duluth) Emergent Quantumness in Neural Networks
04.05.2021 Tarek Anous (Amsterdam) Quantum chaos and symmetry breaking
11.05.2021 Zohar Komargodski (Simons Center) Symmetry Breaking at High Temperature
18.05.2021 Lorenz Eberhardt (IAS Princeton) Summing over geometries in string theory
25.05.2021 Nele Callebaut (Köln U.) Tbar-deformed CFT as a non-critical string
01.06.2021 Subir Sachdev (Harvard U.) The SYK model: a window into non-Fermi liquids and black holes
08.06.2021 Pasquale Calabrese (SISSA Trieste) Symmetry resolved entanglement entropies in QFT
15.06.2021 Al Shapere (U. of Kentucky) Quantum Error-Correcting Codes and CFTs
22.06.2021 Christian Ecker (Utrecth U.) Non-equilibrium steady state formation in 3+1 dimensions
29.06.2021 Emmanuel Floratos (U. of Athens) The arithmetic geometry of AdS2 and its continuum limit
06.07.2021 Prem Kumar (Swansea) Islands and Hawking radiation correlations of evaporating black holes
13.07.2021 Yunqin Zheng (Kavli IPMU) Fermionization and boundary states in 1+1 dimensions