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    Theoretical Physics III

    String Theory I

    Lecture: "String Theory I"

    Dr. René Meyer

    Time and Venue:

    Wednesday and Friday    12 - 14 Uhr, SE 4
    Exercises Thursday         14 - 16 Uhr, SE 3

    First Lecture: Wednesday Apr 11 2018 12:15pm sharp


    I. Introduction: String Theory and Quantum Gravity

    II. The Relativistic String

    1. Relativistic Point Particle
    2. Nambu-Goto Action
    3. Polyakov Action

    III. Quantizing the Relativistic Closed String and Emerging Graviton

    1. Covariant Quantization
    2. Lightcone Quantization
    3. String Spectrum and the Graviton
    4. Lorentz invariance and Critical dimension

    IV. Open Strings, D Branes and Gauge Fields

    1. Dirichlet vs. Neumann boundary conditions, D branes
    2. The quantized open string: D branes carry gauge fields
    3. A first look at effective actions: Brane Dynamics and DBI action
    4. Multiple Branes and Nonabelian Gauge Fields

    V. Conformal Field Theories, String Path Integral and Critical Dimension

    1. Introduction to relativistic Conformal Field Theory
    2. String Path Integral and Fadeev-Popov Ghosts
    3. The Critical Dimension of the Bosonic String
    4. State-Operator Correspondence and Vertex Operators

    VI. Stringy Interactions

    1. String Perturbation Theory as Sum over Topologies
    2. Closed String at Tree Level
    3. Open Strings at Tree Level and the Veneziano Amplitude
    4. One Loop Amplitudes and the Finiteness of String Theory

    VII. Effective Actions and Gravity

    1. Einsteins Equations and Beta Functions 
    2. Low Energy Effective Action in the Gravity Sector 
    3. DBI Action and YM Action for Open Strings 
    4. Outlook: Superstrings, Super YM and Supergravity actions, AdS/CFT 


    Recommended Reading:

    Tong: "String Theory", https://arxiv.org/abs/0908.0333v3 
    Zwiebach: "A First Course in String Theory", 2nd edition, Cambridge University Press
    Polchinski: "String Theory", Vol. 1, Cambridge University Press
    Di Francesco, Mathieu, Senechal, "Conformal Field Theory", Springer (Ch. 5 and 6)

    Additional Sources:

    Szabo: BUSSTEP Lectures on String Theory https://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/0207142
    Arutyunov: Lectures on String Theory, http://stringworld.ru/files/Arutyunov_G._Lectures_on_string_theory.pdf
    Green, Schwarz, Witten, "Superstring theory", Vol. 1, Cambridge University Press
    Becker, Becker, Schwarz, "String Theory and M Theory", Cambridge University Press
    Kiritsis, "String Theory in a Nutshell", Princeton University Press

    Exercise Sheets:

    Sheet 1 (due April 19)
    Sheet 2 (due April 26)

    Sheet 3 (due May 3)

    Sheet 4 (due May 17)

    Sheet 5 (due Jun 7)

    Sheet 6 (due Jun 21) 

    Sheet 7 (due Jun 28)

    Sheet 8 (due Jul 12)