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Theoretical Physics III

Quantengravitation, Quanteninformation und statistische Mechanik (Seminar)

SS 2024: Donnerstags, 12:00- 14:00 Uhr, SE 1 (Physik)

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18.04.2024 Johanna Erdmenger Prediscussion
25.04.2024 Dominik Neuenfeld Double Holography
02.05.2024 Rathindra Nath Das Quantum Chaos and Complexity in Triangular Billards
16.05.2024 Yanick Thurn Information Flow
23.05.2024 Maximilian Beuscher Numerical Disorder in AdS/CFT
06.06.2024 Amelie Mierau AdS/CFT and Mott Physics
13.06.2024 Jiasheng Liu Operator Size Growth in Lindbladian SYK
20.06.2024 Zhuo-Yu Xian Wormhole network in the SYK chain
27.06.2024 Jani Kastikainen Gravitational Entropy from Corner Terms
04.07.2024 Manuel Skalka Chern-Simons on Hyperbolic Lattices
11.07.2024 Zhaohui Chen Entanglement in Lindbladian SYK
18.07.2024 Emma Goth AI