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Theoretical Physics III

Quantengravitation, Quanteninformation und statistische Mechanik (Seminar)

SS 2023: Montags 12:00- 14:00 Uhr, SE 5 (Physik)

Datum                     Vortragender                  Titel
24.04.2023 Zhuoyu Xian Aperiodic SYK Chain
08.05.2023 Bastian Heß GHY Terms and Gravity without Curvature
15.05.2023 Christopher Tellinger Timelike tube theorem in curved space-time
22.05.2023 Jonathan Karl JT Gravity as a Matrix Model
05.06.2023 Giuseppe Di Giulio Modular Flow and Symmetry Resolution
12.06.2023 Yanick Thurn Machine Learning of Analytic Continuation
19.06.2023 Maximilian Zemsch Holography of Bubbles and Non-normalizable modes
26.06.2023 Michael Sittinger Choice of Vacuum and Factorization in Bubbles of AdS
03.07.2023 Zhaohui Chen PT symmetric AdS/CFT
10.07.2023 Eric Petermann Eigenmodes of Hyperbolic Laplacians
17.07.2023 Tim Schuhmann Quantum Circuits with Primary Fields