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    Theoretical Physics III

    Quantengravitation, Quanteninformation und statistische Mechanik (Seminar)

    WS 2021/2022: Donnerstags 14:00- 16:00 Uhr, SE 7 (Physik)

    Datum                     Vortragender                  Titel
    28.10.2021 Haye Hinrichsen Tilings of AdS
    04.11.2021 Pablo Basteiro Complexity and Hydrodynamics
    11.11.2021 Giuseppe Di Giulio Entanglement entropy and Complexity for finite dimensional systems
    18.11.2021 Souvik Banerjee de Sitter puzzles in string theory
    25.11.2021 René Meyer Introduction to PT-symmetric QM and AdS/CFT
    02.12.2021 Moritz Dorband Black Holes and Berry Phases I
    09.12.2021 Anna-Lena Weigel Black Holes and Berry Phases II
    16.12.2021 Zhaohui Chen Thermodynamics of Taub-NUT-AdS Black Holes
    13.01.2022 Martin Rackl Hydrodynamics in AdS/CFT with boundaries
    20.01.2022 Konstantin Weisenberger Symmetry resolved entanglement in AdS/CFT
    27.01.2022 Henri Scheppach TBA
    03.02.2022 Zhou-Yu Xian Tensor Networks in Holography  
    10.02.2022 Rathindra Nath Das Quantum discord