Theoretische Physik III

Quantengravitation, Quanteninformation und statistische Mechanik (Seminar)

WS 202372024: Donnerstags 14:00- 16:00 Uhr, SE 7 (Physik)

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26.10.2023 Johanna Erdmenger Von-Neumann algebras
02.11.2023 Jani Kastikainen  
09.11.2023 Zhuoyu Xian Krylov complexity, double-scaled SYK, and holography
16.11.2023  Rathindra N. Das Non-hermitian systems and complexity
30.11.2023 Giuseppe Di Giulio Charged moments and symmetry-resolved entanglement in two-dimensional free conformal field theories
07.12.2023 Yannick Thurn  
14.12.2023 Jani Kastikainen Holographic BCFT spectrum from brane mergers
21.12.2023 Souvik Banerjee  
11.01.2024 Thomas Kögel SRE on QES
18.01.2024 Christopher Tellinger Algebraic approach to CFTs
25.01.2024 Amelie Mierau Green's function zeros in holography
01.02.2024 Jonathan Karl Twisted holography I
08.02.2024 Henri Scheppach Twisted holography II