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    Theoretische Physik III


    • Geometric phases distinguish entangled states in wormhole quantum mechanics
      Flavio S. Nogueira (IFW Dresden), Souvik Banerjee, Moritz Dorband, René Meyer, Jeroen van den Brink (TU Dresden and IFW Dresden), Johanna Erdmenger
    • Quantum Complexity as Hydrodynamics
      Pablo Basteiro, Johanna Erdmenger, Pascal Fries, Florian Goth, Ioannis Matthaiakakis, René Meyer
    • Symmetry-resolved entanglement for excited states and two entangling intervals in AdS3/CFT2
      Konstantin Weisenberger, Suting Zhao, Christian Northe (Würzburg U.), René Meyer
    • Towards quantifying information flows: relative entropy in deep neural networks and the renormalization group
      Johanna Erdmenger, Kevin T. Grosvenor (MPI-PKS, Dresden and Würzburg-Dresden Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat), Ro Jefferson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm U.)
    • Complexity as a holographic probe of strong cosmic censorship
      Mohsen Alishahiha (IPM Tehran), Souvik Banerjee, Joshua Kames-King (Bethe Center for Theor. Phys. and Kavli Inst. for Theor. Phys.), Emma Loos
    • Gaussian Continuous-Variable Isotropic State
      Maria Poxleitner, Haye Hinrichsen
    • Illuminating entanglement shadows of BTZ black holes by a generalized entanglement measure
      Marius Gerbershagen
    • Curing with hemlock: escaping the swampland using instabilities from string theory
      Souvik Banerjee, Ulf Danielsson (Uppsala U.), Suvendu Giri (Milan Bicocca U. and INFN Milan Bicocca)
    • Non-equilibrium steady state formation in 3+1 dimensions
      Christian Ecker (Frankfurt, Goethe U.), Johanna Erdmenger, Wilke van der Schee (CERN)
      SciPost Phys. 11, 047 (2021)   arXiv:2103.10435
    • Dark bubbles and black holes
      Souvik Banerjee, Ulf Danielsson (Uppsala U.), Suvendu Giri (Milan Bicocca U. and INFN Milan Bicocca)
    • Monodromy methods for torus conformal blocks and entanglement entropy at large central charge
      Marius Gerbershagen
      JHEP 2021, 143 (2021)   arXiv:2101.11642

    • Symmetry-Resolved Entanglement in AdS3/CFT2 coupled to U(1) Chern-Simons Theory
      Suting Zhao, Christian Northe (Würzburg U.), René Meyer
      JHEP 2021, 30 (2021)   arXiv:2012.11274

    • Gauge/gravity dynamics for the strongly coupled sector of composite Higgs models
      Johanna Erdmenger, Nick Evans (Southampton U.), Werner Porod (Würzburg U.), Konstantinos S. Rigatos (Southampton U.)
      JHEP 2021, 58 (2021)   arXiv:2010.10279

    • Gauge/gravity dynamics for composite Higgs models and the top mass
      Johanna Erdmenger, Nick Evans (Southampton U.), Werner Porod (Würzburg U.), Konstantinos S. Rigatos (Southampton U.)
      Phys. Rev. Letters 126, 071602 (2021)   arXiv:2009.10737

    • Bubble needs strings
      Souvik Banerjee, Ulf Danielsson (Uppsala U.), Suvendu Giri (Uppsala U.)
      JHEP 2021, 250 (2021)   arXiv:2009.01597

    • Resolving modular flow: a toolkit for free fermions
      Johanna Erdmenger, Pascal Fries, Ignacio A. Reyes (Potsdam, Max Planck Inst.), Christian P. Simon
      JHEP 2020, 126 (2020)   arXiv:2008.07532

    • Complexity measures from geometric actions on Virasoro and Kac-Moody orbits
      Johanna Erdmenger, Marius Gerbershagen, Anna-Lena Weigel
      JHEP 2020, 3 (2020)   arXiv:2004.03619

    • Momentum-Dependent Mass and AC Hall Conductivity of Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulators and Their Relation to the Parity Anomaly
      Christian Tutschku (Würzburg U.), Jan Böttcher, René Meyer, E. M. Hankiewicz (Würzburg U.)
      Phys. Rev. Research 2, 033193 (2020)   arXiv:2003.03146

    • Dark bubbles: decorating the wall
      Souvik Banerjee, Ulf Danielsson (Uppsala U.), Suvendu Giri (Uppsala U.)
      JHEP 2020, 85 (2020)   arXiv:2001.07433

    • Holographic RG Flows for Kondo-like Impurities
      Johanna Erdmenger, Charles M. Melby-Thompson, Christian Northe (Würzburg U.)
      JHEP 2020, 75 (2020)   arXiv:2001.04991

    • Information geometry in quantum field theory: lessons from simple examples
      Johanna Erdmenger, Kevin T. Grosvenor, Ro Jefferson (Potsdam, Max Planck Inst.)
      SciPost Phys. 8, 073 (2020)   arXiv:2001.02683

    • Turbulent hydrodynamics in strongly correlated Kagome metals
      Domenico Di Sante (Würzburg U.), Johanna Erdmenger, Martin Greiter (Würzburg U.), Ioannis Matthaiakakis, Rene Meyer, David Rodriguez Fernandez, Ronny Thomale (Würzburg U.), Erik van Loon (Bremen U.), Tim Wehling (Bremen U.)
      Nat Commun 11, 3997 (2020)   arXiv:1911.06810

    • Holographic Superfluid Solitons with Backreaction
      Zhongshan Xu (Beijing, GUCAS), Yiqiang Du, Johanna Erdmenger, René Meyer, Yu Tian (Beijing, GUCAS & MIT, Cambridge, CTP & Beijing, Inst. Theor. Phys.), Zhuo-Yu Xian (Beijing, Inst. Theor. Phys.)
      Phys. Rev. D 101, 086011   arXiv:1910.09253

    • Entwinement as a possible alternative to complexity
      Johanna Erdmenger, Marius Gerbershagen
      JHEP 2020, 82 (2020)   arXiv:1910.05352

    • Universality of continuous phase transitions on random Voronoi graphs
      Manuel Schrauth and Jefferson S. E. Portela
      Physical Review E 100, 062118 (2019) arXiv:1907.12494

    • Light composite fermions from holography
      Raimond Abt, Johanna Erdmenger, Nick Evans (Southampton U.), Konstantinos S. Rigatos (Southampton U.)
      JHEP 1911 (2019) 160, arXiv:1907.09489

    • Fast algorithm for topologically disordered lattices with constant coordination number
      Manuel Schrauth and Jefferson S. E. Portela
      Physical Review Research 1, 033061 (2019) arXiv:1907.05040

    • Relevance of topological disorder on the directed percolation phase transition
      Manuel Schrauth, Jefferson S. E. Portela, and Florian Goth 

    • The entanglement and relative entropy of a chiral fermion on the torus 
      Pascal Fries, Ignacio A. Reyes (Potsdam, Max Planck Inst.)
      Phys. Rev. D 100, 105015 (2019), arXiv:1906.02207

    • The entanglement spectrum of chiral fermions on the torus 
      Pascal Fries, Ignacio A. Reyes (Potsdam, Max Planck Inst.)
      Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 211603 (2019), arXiv:1905.05768

    • Functional dependence of the Hall viscosity-induced transverse voltage in two-dimensional Fermi liquids
      Ioannis Matthaiakakis, David Rodríguez Fernández, Christian Tutschku, Ewelina M. Hankiewicz, Johanna Erdmenger, René Meyer
      Phys.Rev. B101 (2020) no.4, 045423, arXiv:1905.03269

    • Higher-Order Corrections to Holographic Entanglement Entropy and Subregion Complexity in the AdS Black Hole Background 
      Aranya Bhattacharya (Saha Inst. & HBNI, Mumbai), Kevin T. Grosvenor, Shibaji Roy (Saha Inst. & HBNI, Mumbai)
      Phys. Rev. D 100, 126004 (2019), arXiv:1905.02220

    • Synchronization of delayed fluctuating complex networks
      Javier Rodrı́guez-Laguna, Otti D’Huys , Manuel Jiménez-Martı́n, Elka Korutcheva and Wolfgang Kinzel
      AIP Conference Proceedings 2075, 020005 (2019)

    • Understanding the enhanced synchronization of delay-coupled networks with fluctuating topology
      Otti D'Huys, Javier Rodriguez-Laguna, Manuel Jiménez, Elka Korutcheva and Wolfgang Kinzel

      Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 227, 1129 1150 (2018)

    • Renormalization of lattice field theories with infinite-range wavelets
      Pascal Fries, Ignacio Reyes, Johanna Erdmenger, Haye Hinrichsen
      J.Stat.Mech. 1906 (2019) no.6, 064001, arxiv.org/abs/1811.05388
    • Boundary and Defect CFT: Open Problems and Applications
      Natan Andrei (Rutgers U., Piscataway), Agnese Bissi (Uppsala U.), Matthew Buican (Queen Mary, U. of London), John Cardy (UC, Berkeley & Merton Coll., Oxford), Patrick Dorey (Durham U.), Nadav Drukker (King's Coll. London, Dept. Math), Johanna Erdmenger (Wurzburg U.), Daniel Friedan (Rutgers U., Piscataway & Iceland U.), Dmitri Fursaev (Moscow State U.), Anatoly Konechny (Heriot-Watt U. & Maxwell Inst. Math. Sci., Edinburgh) et al.


    • Introduction to Gauge/Gravity Duality
      Johanna Erdmenger (Wurzburg U.)

      PoS TASI2017 (2018) 001 ( arxiv.org/abs/1807.09872 )

    • Chirality Josephson current due to a novel quantum anomaly in inversion-asymmetric Weyl semimetals
      Song-Bo Zhang, Johanna Erdmenger, Bjoern Trauzettel (Wurzburg U.)

      [cond-mat.supr-con], accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters ( arxiv.org/abs/1806.08111 )

    • Properties of Modular Hamiltonians on Entanglement Plateaux
      Raimond Abt, Johanna Erdmenger

      JHEP 11 (2018) 002 ( arXiv: 1809.03516)

    • Complexity change under conformal transformations in AdS3 / CFT2
      Mario Flory, Nina Miekley
      arXiv: 1806.08376
    • A violation of the Harris-Barghathi-Vojta criterion
      Manuel Schrauth, Jefferson Stafusa E. Portela, and Florian Goth
      Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 100601 (arxiv.org/abs/1803.08753 )
    • Effective Hopping in Holographic Bose and Fermi Hubbard Models
      Mitsutoshi Fujita, Rene Meyer, Sumiran Pujari, Masaki Tezuka
    • Holographic Subregion Complexity from Kinematic Space
      Raimond Abt, Johanna Erdmenger, Marius Gerbershagen, Charles M. Melby-Thompson, Christian Northe


    • Revisiting Lorentz violation in Horava gravity
      Andrew Coates, Charles Melby-Thompson, Shinji Mukohyama


    • Diffusion and first-passage characteristics on a dynamically evolving support
      Manuel Schrauth and Maximilan Schneider


    • Two-dimensional Ising model on random lattices with constant coordination number
      Manuel Schrauth, Julian Richter, and Jefferson Stafusa E. Portela

      Phys. Rev. E 97, 022144 (2018) ( arxiv.org/abs/1711.07981 )

    • Giant Photocurrent in asymmetric Weyl semimetals from the helical magnetic effect
      Dmitri E. Kharzeev, Yuta Kikuchi, René Meyer, Yuya Tanizaki


    • Holographic Kondo and Fano Resonances
      J. Erdmenger, C. Hoyos, Andy O'Bannon, Iannis Papadimitriou, Jonas Probst, Jackson M. S. Wu
    • A holographic perspective on phonons and pseudo-phononos
      A. Amoretti, D. Arean, R. Argurio, D. Musso, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
    • Phases of higher spin black holes: Hawking-Page, transitions between black holes and a critical point
      M. Banados, G. Düring, A. Faraggi, I. Reyes
    • On the interplay of noise and delay in coupled oscillators
      O. D'Huys, T. Jüngling and W. Kinzel
      In: Control of self-organizing nonlinear systems, Chapter 7,ed. by E. Schöll, S. Klapp and P Hövel, Springer Complexity (2016)
    • Chaos synchronization by resonance of multiple delay times
      M. Jimenez, O. D`Huys, L. Lauerbach, E. Korutcheva, and W. Kinzel
      Phys. Rev. E 93, 022206 (2016)

    • Support vectors and statistical mechanics
      R. Dietrich, M.Opper, and H. Sompolinsky, in A. J. Smola, P. Bartlett, B. Schölkopf, and D. Schuurmans, editors, Advances in Large Margin Classifiers. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA (1999)
    • Evaporation and step edge diffusion in MBE
      S. Schinzer, M. Sokolowski, M. Biehl, and W. Kinzel, in "Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (1998), J. of Crystal Growth" (201-202) pp. 85-87 (1999)
    • Quantum Mechanics Simulation
      von J. R. Hiller, I. D. Johnston u. D. F. Styer. Wiley, Chichester 1995, W. Kinzel, Buchbesprechung in Phys. Bl. 52, 1030 (1996)
    • Perceptron learning: The largest version space
      M. Biehl and M. Opper; invited contribution to the Workshop: Theory of Neural Networks: The Statistical Mechanics Perspective (Pohang, Korea 1995), ed. by J.-H. Oh, Ch. Kwon, S. Cho, World Scientific (Singapore) 1995
    • Physik lernender Netzwerke
      W. Kinzel in Physik und Informatik, Eds. D. König und M. Lang, Informatik Fachberichte 306, S. 90, Springer Verlag (1991)
    • Query by committee
      H. S. Seung, M. Opper and H. Sompolinksy (1992), in: Proc. Vth Annual ACM Workshop on Comp. Learning Theory, Assoc. for Computing Machinery, New York (1992)
    • Dynamics of Learning
      W. Kinzel and M. Opper, in: Physics of Neural Networks eds. E. Domany, J. L. v. Hemmen, K. Schulten, Springer-Verlag (Models of Neural Networks) p. 149 (1991)