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Kilian Fischer (Orbital Doppler Boosting in supermassive black hole binaries, BSc Thesis, pdf)

Alexander Kappes (High-Redshift Blazars Observed by the International LOFAR Telescope, PhD Thesis, pdf)


Wladislaw Schulga (Long-Term Jet-Kinematics of Blazars in the TANAMI Sample, BSc Thesis, pdf)

Philip Weber (VLBI Jet Kinematics of TeV-Emitting High-Synchrotron Peaked BL Lac Objects, MSc Thesis, pdf)

Marcus Langejahn (Hard X-ray Properties of Relativistically Beamed Jets from Radio- and Gamma-Ray-Bright Blazars, PhD Thesis, pdf)

Andrea Gokus (A Multi-Wavelength Perspective on Gamma-ray Flaring Blazars, PhD Thesis, pdf)

Jonas Hessdoerfer (High-frequency polarization studies of high-energy emitting AGN jets, MSc Thesis, pdf)

Paul Ray Burd (Multiwavelength Probes of Physical Conditions in the Blazar Zone of AGN jets, PhD Thesis, pdf)

Christoph Wendel (Spectral Imprints from Electromagnetic Cascaded in Blazar Jets, PhD Thesis, link)

Patrick Günther (Time-dependent Modeling of Diffusive Shock Acceleration Using Stochastic Differential Equations, pdf )

Leonard Pfeiffer (Multiwavelength investigation of PKS 1814-63 as a candidate gamma-ray source, pdf)

Florian Eppel (Variability Study of High-Peaked BL Lac Objects at Millimeter Wavelengths, MSc Thesis, pdf)

Jonas Sinapius (Multiwavelength Study of One-Off Flaring Events in Blazars, MSc Thesis, pdf)

Jonas Heßdörfer (Flux density measurements of TeV blazars with the Effelsberg 100 m telescope, BSc Thesis, pdf)

Luis Wachter (VLBI Observations of Neutrino-Candidate Blazars, MSc Thesis, pdf)

Stefan Lindeholz (Joint X-ray and Radio Observations of the Quasar 4C+74.26, MSc Thesis, pdf)

Lenz Oswald (Analysis of Counterparts of the Neutrino IceCube-200615A in the eFEDS Field of eROSITA, pdf)

Sarah Wagner (Statistical properties of the high-energy gamma-ray flux variations of blazars, MSc Thesis)(pdf)

Bernd Schleicher (Blazar Variability in the Multi-Wavelength Context, MSc thesis)(pdf)

Philip Weber (VLBI Properties of Candidate Neutrino-Emitting Blazars, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Raoul Kinadeter (Understanding the Black Hole Shadow of M87 with Wald’s Solution, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Max Knopf (Rise and Decay Time of Blazars, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Luca Kohlhepp (A Study of the Statistic Nature of γ-ray Variability of Blazars, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Anne-Kathrin Baczko  (Multi-Frequency VLBI Observations of the Active Galaxy NGC 1052, PhD Thesis) (pdf)

Roberto Angioni (VLBI and γ-ray studies of radio galaxies in the TANAMI monitoring program, PhD Thesis)(pdf)

Michael Seeg (A comparison between techniques to filter RFI in radio data with machine learning methods, MSc Thesis)(pdf)

Niklas Richter (Simulation von Fermi-LAT Blazar Lichtkurven mit Zufallsprozessen durch Optimierung der Leistungsdichtespektren, BSc Thesis)(pdf)

Florian Rösch (VLBI and Multiband-Variability Study of the γ-ray Blazar 4C+01.28, MSc Thesis)( pdf)

Annika Kreikenbohm  (Classifying the High-Energy Sky with Spectral Timing Methods, PhD Thesis) (pdf)

Constanze Seibert (X-ray Analysis of the AGN NGC 1052 with XMM-Newton, BSc Thesis)(pdf)

Rosamunde Pare (Parsec-scale Radio Jets of γ-ray-faint Quasars,  MSc Thesis)(pdf)

Sarah Wagner (VLBI Jet Kinematics of Mrk 421 concerning the Radio Flare in 2012, BSc Thesis)(pdf)

Luis Wachter (Radio Observation of the γ-flaring Blazar PKS 1451-375, BSc Thesis)(pdf)

Michael Kreter (Targeting the mystery of extragalactic neutrino sources - A Multi-Messenger Window to the Extreme Universe,  PhD Thesis)(pdf)

Jonas Ringholz (VLA observations of γ-loud AGN on the southern hemisphere, MSc Thesis) (pdf)

Amar Hekalo (VLBI Monitoring of Five TeV Blazars, MSc Thesis) (pdf

Bernd Schleicher (FACT - Observations at Large Zenith Distance, BSc thesis)(pdf​​​)

Jonas Sinapius (Spectral Analysis of Swift-XRT monitoring observations of the blazar Mrk 501, BSc Thesis)(pdf)

Jan-Christopher Pappert (Multi-Epoch VLBI Analysis of Extragalactic Jets in AGN, MSc Thesis) (pdf)

Tobias Beuchert (Multiwavelength observations of AGN from the radio to the hard X-rays, PhD Thesis) (pdf)

Alexander Kappes (Long-wavelength radio observation of S5 0836+710 with LOFAR, MSc Thesis) (pdf)

Paul Ray Burd (Long wavelength Radio Observations of Blazars, MSc Thesis) (pdf)

Lukas Schrenk (Kommisionierung eines 3m L-Band Radioteleskops, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Stefan Lindeholz (VLBI observations of the FSRQ PKS 1454-354, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Michael Seeg (An approach to the 3D-Morphology of PKS 2155-304 on parces to kilo-parsec scale, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Jonas Trüstedt (Long-wavelength radio observations of Blazars with the Low-Frequency Array (LOFAR), PhD Thesis) (pdf)

Manuel Dörr (Correlation studies of IceCube neutrinos with subcatalogs of Fermi's 3rd catalog, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Juliane Wiehl (Statistical Analysis on the origin of the IceCube neutrino events, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Felicia Krauß (Extreme Environments: From supermassive black holes to supernovae, PhD Thesis) (pdf)

Florian Rösch (TANAMI VLBI Observations of PKS 0521−365, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Robert Schulz (A radio view of high-energy emitting AGNs, PhD Thesis)  (pdf)

Amar Hekalo (Four years of TANAMI VLBI observations of the unusual gamma-ray source PMN J1603−4904, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Michael Kreter (Search for neutrinos from flaring blazars - A time dependent point source analysis, MSc Thesis) (pdf)

Dorit Glawion (Contemporaneous Multi-Wavelength Observations of the Gamma-Ray Emitting Active Galaxy IC 310, PhD Thesis) (pdf)

Anne-Kathrin Baczko (Multi-Epoch Millimeter VLBI Observations of the Twin-Jet System in NGC 1052, MSc Thesis) (pdf)

Christoph Bürkel (Bayesian γ-ray Light Curve Analysis of TANAMI Sources, MSc Thesis) (pdf)

Jonas Andreas Walter Ringholz (Studying the Jet Geometry and Brightness Temperature of BL Lacertae Objects Observed at 43 GHz, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Christoph Großberger (New Developments and Techniques in Radio to X-ray Observations of AGN, PhD Thesis) (pdf)

Andrea Gokus (Light Curve Cross Correlations of Gamma- and Radio Data of PKS 0537-441, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Cornelia Müller (High-Resolution Observations of Active Galactic Nuclei in the Southern Hemisphere, PhD Thesis) (pdf)

Christina Gräfe (X-ray analysis of Centaurus A, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Paul Ray Burd (Measuring Brightness Temperature Gradients in Extragalactic Jets, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Christina Hempfling (Programming of a Web Interface for the Database of the First G-APD Cherenkov Telescope for a Validation of the Data Quality, BSc Thesis)(pdf)

Alexander Kappes (Amplitude Self-Calibration Corrections in TANAMI VLBI Experiments, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Katharina Leiter (Emissionseigenschaften von Mega-Masergalaxien im weichen Röntgenbereich, Diploma Thesis) (pdf)

Jonas Trüstedt (Multiepoch VLBI Observations of TANAMI Jets, MSc Thesis) (pdf)

Felicia Krauß (Multiwavelength Observations of TANAMI Sources, MSc Thesis) (pdf)

Tobias Beuchert (Of Radio-Loud and Radio-Quiet AGN — Single Dish Radio Polarimetry and X-ray Variability Study of Polar Scattered Seyfert I Galaxies, MSc Thesis) (pdf)

Annika Kreikenbohm (An X-ray analysis of an XMM-Newton Sample of Compton-thick AGN, MSc Thesis) (pdf)

Marcus Langejahn (X-ray Properties Of Radio Selected AGN, Diploma Thesis) (pdf)

Moritz Böck (Observations of Active Galactic Nuclei from Radio to Gamma-rays, PhD Thesis)

Anne-Kathrin Baczko (Calibration and imaging of GMVA observations of NGC1052, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Maximilian Günther (X-ray Observations of AGN Masers, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Robert Schulz (A Study of the Active Galaxy 3C111 with mm-VLBI, MSc Thesis) (pdf)

Jürgen Walther (Untersuchung von Masergalaxien im Harten Röntgenbereich, BSc Thesis)

Eugenia Litzinger (Observations of Compact Objects, Dipoma Thesis) (pdf)

Tobias Beuchert (Radio Observations of PKS 2155−304 with the 100−m Effelsberg radio telescope, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Felicia Krauß (Swift Observations of TANAMI Counterparts, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

Cornelia Müller (High Resolution VLBI Observations of Centaurus A, Diploma Thesis) (pdf)

Martina Müller (Swift Observations of TANAMI Sources, BSc Thesis) (pdf)

NGC1052 - A study of the parsec-scale twin jet, M. Kadler, DiplomaThesis, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany (2002) (pdf 5Mb)

Compact Radio Cores in AGN: The X-Ray Connection, M. Kadler, PhD Thesis, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany (2005)  (pdf 26Mb)