Modelling the time variable horizon-scale structure of M87*

The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) can resolve the horizon-scale structure around the supermassive massive black hole in the galaxy M87. The first image of the black hole shadow in M87 was published in 2019 by the EHT collaboration. Now, a second image of the horizon-scale structure in M87* was published, based on observations one year later. The new image confirms the ring-like structure. However the location of the brightest feature in the southern part of the ring has shifted by ~30deg. 

At the chair of Astronomy we develop state-of-the art numerical simulations to model the EHT observations of M87*. Thus, the question arises whether our simulations are able to recover the temporal variability seen in observations. In this interdisciplinary Bachelor thesis the radiative signature of the GRMHD simulations will be computed and synthetic EHT observations as well as  images will be created. Finally the synthetic images will be compared to the EHT observations and the results will be used to improve our simulations.

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