English Intern


    Astrophysikalisches Seminar

    Wintersemester 2021/2022

    16:00 Uhr / Seminarraum 31.00.017

    21.10. Premeeting
    28.10. -
    04.11. Luca Kohlhepp: ML driven RFI filtering [DataLab 12-13 Uhr, ZOOM]
    04.11. Adelina Kalenski: Duty Cycle of Blazars at TeV Energies
    11.11. Leo Marcotulli (Clemson) (ZOOM): Black holes at the dawn of the universe
    18.11. Georgios Paraschos: A comprehensive analysis of the nuclear region of 3C 84
    25.11. -
    02.12. Petra Benke: RadioAstron space VLBI imaging of the radio galaxy 3C 84 at 22 GHz
    09.12. Oliver Porth/Ziri Younsi: tbc
    16.12. Florian Eppel: Variability Studies of High Peaked BL Lac Objects with the Effelsberg Telescope
    23.12. X-mas Feier
    13.01. -
    20.01. Jenni Jormanainen (Turku): Confronting observations of VHE gamma-ray flares with reconnection models
    27.01. Patrick Günther: Modeling particle acceleration in jets using stochastic differential equations
    03.02. Lenz Oswald: Analysis of Counterparts of the neutrino IceCube-200615A in the eFEDS Field of eROSITA
    10.02. Leo Pfeiffer: Multiwavelength investigation of a candidate EGRET source with Fermi LAT
    17.02. Thomas Siegert (MPE): COSI - new NASA mission for MeV astronomy