English Intern


    Wintersemester 2022/2023

    Donnerstag, 16:15 (Raum 31.00.017)

    20.10.2022 Dozenten der Astronomie Vorbesprechung
    27.10.2022 Bidzina Kapanadze (Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory, Ilia State University/Tbilisi, and INAF-OAB) Long-term X-Ray Flare in the TeV-Detected Blazar Markarian 501
    03.11.2022 Aleksander Paravac (RZ Uni Würzbug) Massively parallel computing
    10.11.2022 VdR Meeting Congress Center  
    17.11.2022 -  
    24.11.2022 -  
    01.12.2022 Martin Krause (University of Hertfordshire) Superbubble feedback in the Milky Way
    08.12.2022 Vardan Baghmanyan Evidence of Cosmic-Ray excess from the local Giant Molecular Clouds
    15.12.2022 Marilyn Cruces (MPIfR Bonn) Unveiling the progenitor source of FRBs
    22.12.2022 J. Michael Burgess (MPE Garching) Moving forward with foward modeling
    12.01.2023 -  
    19.01.2023 Philipp Weber TeV-emitting blazars in the MOJAVE sample
    26.01.2023 Paolo Cristarella Orestano (Univ. of Perugia) Study of periodicity in blazars light curves
    02.02.2023 Gaëtan Fichet de Clairfontaine tbd
    09.02.2023 Andreas Zech (Observatoire de Paris) tbc