Astrophysikalisches Seminar

    Donnerstags 16:15 Uhr, Raum 31.00.017 (bzw. Zoom-Meeting)

    Termin Sprecher


    30.04. Max Knopf Rise and Decay Times of Blazars
    07.05. Arman Tursonov (Opava/Troppau) Supermassive BHs as UHE cosmic ray accelerators
    14.05. Raoul Kinadeter The M87 "shadow" in the light of Wald's solution
    28.05. Luca Kohlhepp Modelling blazar variability as an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process
    04.06. Sarah Wagner Statistical properties of the high-energy gamma-ray flux variations of blazars
    18.06. Bernd Schleicher

    Fractional variability of blazars observed with FACT

    25.06. Martin Brunner Anisotropic cosmic ray transport and the positron spectrum
    02.07. Jonas Sinapius tbd
    09.07. Philip Weber tbd
    16.07. Lukas Schrenk Decision-tree augmented analysis of COMPTEL data
    23.07. Roman Iotov / Laura Eisenberger tbd
    30.07. Christoph Wendel Pair cascades in blazars