English Intern


    Sommersemester 2022

    Donnerstags, 16:15 CEST

    19.05.2022 Eleonora Barbano (Univ. Torino)
    Study of the systematic uncertainties for the measurement of the cosmic-ray inclusive electron spectrum with Fermi-LAT telescope data
    02.06.2022 NN (Astrogam Meeting in Frankfurt)
    09.06.2022 Giulia Illuminati (Univ. of Bologna)
    Neutrino astronomy with the Mediterranean neutrino telescopes: highlights from ANTARES and KM3NeT
    23.06. Alessandra Azzolini (Univ. Würzburg)
    Multi-wavelength Spectroscopic Study of Shock Phenomena Driven by Explosive Outbursts in Symbiotic-like Recurrent Novae
    30.06.2022 Patrick Günther (Univ. Würzburg)
    Diffusive shock acceleration from with time-dependent injection
    07.07.2022 Jonas Heßdörfer (Univ. Würzburg)
    Radio polarization observations of high-energy-photon emitting AGN jets
    14.07.2022 Sayantani Lahiri (Univ. Bremen)
    Relativistic accretion disks for viscous and spin fluids
    21.07.2022 Hrishikesh Shetgaonkar (Univ. Würzburg)
    28.07.2022 Wolfgang Dröge (Univ. Würzburg)
    Solar Orbiter and energetic particle transport