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Summer term 2023

04.05. Carolyn Kierans (NASA GSFC) The Compton Spectrometer and Imager Mission
11.05. Shigeki Matsumoto (U Tokyo) Light particle dark matter and MeV gamma-ray observation
Monday 15.05. (special seminar) Sushmita Agarwal (IIT Indore) Flaring activity from magnetic reconnection in BL Lacertae
25.05. Hiroki Yoneda Efficient electron acceleration in compact binaries and future MeV gamma-ray observations
01.06. Rudi Reinhardt Local Bubble radioactive line emission I (BSc thesis)
  Niklas Bauer Local Bubble radioactive line emission II (BSc thesis)
  Marc Berger Inhomogeneous SSC emission (BSc thesis)
15.06. Giancarlo Mattia (INFN Firenze) Simulations of Jet Launching
22.06. -  
29.06. Lea Marcotulli (U South Carolina Clemson) MeV Blazars
06.07. Felix Glaser GRMHD simulations (BSc thesis)
13.07. Andreas Zech (Paris U) Do extreme blazars require extreme emission models ?
20.07. Yannik Hoche Impact of Heating and Cooling on the Jet of M87 (MSc thesis)
27.07. Luca Ricci Jet formation in NGC315 (PhD thesis)