Summary of the work of our Chair:

Our research consists of establishing new relations between quantum field theory on the one hand and gravitation on the other. These new relations are called dualities. In this way, we gain new insights into the quantum nature of gravity. Moreover, we use these dualities to calculate observables for strongly coupled quantum systems. These systems occur frequently in physics, but are often difficult to describe with established methods. Our methods are applicable to condensed matter physics as well as elementary particle physics. A further research focus is new connections between quantum information and statistical mechanics.

Calculation of physical observables in strongly coupled systems from the dual black hole geometry

Recent publications

Turbulent hydrodynamics in strongly correlated Kagome metals
D. Di Sante, J. Erdmenger, M. Greiter, I. Matthaiakakis, R. Meyer, D. Rodriguez Fernandez, R. Thomale, E. van Loon, and T. Wehling
Nature Communications 11, Article number: 3997 (2020)

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