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Angebote im Sommersemester 2017:

  • Klausurübungen für Examenskandidaten
  • Dualität zwischen Eich-und Gravitationstheorien  
  • Seminar Quantengravitation, Quanteninformation und statistische Mechanik  
  • Seminar Quantenfeldtheorie und Gravitation
  • Vorlesung Stringtheorie 1
  • Seminar Hydrodynamischer Transport in stark gekoppelten Systemen
  • Seminar zur AdS/CFT Korrespondenz

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Robert Carcasses Quevedo (University of Porto)

Time and Venue

Wed Nov 15, 16:15 seminar room SE 5


Unity of pomerons from gauge/string duality


We develop a formalism where the hard and soft pomeron contributions to high energy scattering arise as leading Regge poles of a single kernel in holographic QCD. The kernel is obtained using effective field theory inspired by Regge theory of a 5-d string theory. It describes the exchange of higher spin fields in the graviton Regge trajectory that are dual to glueball states of twist two. For a specific holographic QCD model we describe Deep Inelastic Scattering in the Regge limit of low Bjorken x, finding good agreement with experimental data from HERA. The observed rise of the effective pomeron intercept, as the size of the probe decreases, is reproduced by considering the first four pomeron trajectories. In the case of soft probes, relevant to total cross sections, the leading hard pomeron trajectory is suppressed, such that in this kinematical region we reproduce an intercept of 1.09 compatible with the QCD soft pomeron data. In the spectral region of positive Maldelstam variable t the first two pomeron trajectories are consistent with current expectations for the glueball spectrum from lattice simulations.




Summary of the work of our Chair:

Our research consists of establishing new relations between quantum field theory on the one hand and gravitation on the other. These new relations are called dualities. In this way, we gain new insights into the quantum nature of gravity. Moreover, we use these dualities to calculate observables for strongly coupled quantum systems. These systems occur frequently in physics, but are often difficult to describe with established methods. Our methods are applicable to condensed matter physics as well as elementary particle physics. A further research focus are new connections between quantum information and statistical mechanics.

[Translate to Englisch:] Berechnung physikalischer Observablen in stark korrelierten Systemen aus der dualen Gravitationstheorie mit schwarzem Loch

Calculation of physical observables in strongly coupled systems from the dual black hole geometry

Aktuelle Veröffentlichungen

Arbeit zur Zeitabhängigkeit im holographischen Kondo-Modell zur Veröffentlichung angenommen:

J. Erdmenger, M. Flory, M. Newrzella, M. Strydom, J. Wu, Quantum quenches in a holographic Kondo model', accepted for publication in Journal of High Energy Physics.



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