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Theoretical Physics II

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Suchita Kulkarni

University of Graz

T a l k : 18. July 2024

Strongly interacting dark matter: theory, phenomenology and experimental serach aveues


Understanding the laws governing the dark matter dynamics in the Universe is undoubtedly one of the pressing questions in
astro-particle physics. While investigations have focused on elementary particles as potential dark matter candidates, an equally
interesting possibility arises if dark matter is a composite particle instead. I will take an overview of construction of such dark matter
theories by extending the Standard Model with new non-Abelian sectors.
I will further illustrate the benefits of connecting these constructions with non-perturbative calculations. I will sketch the
avenues of progress and highlight some of the open questions in this direction. Finally, I will exemplify the experimental signatures and
impact of dark matter phenomenology.