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Theoretical Physics II

"Neutrinos at the South Pole"


Special Seminar by Dr. Jason Koskinen (The Pennsylvania State University, University Park)

Jason Koskinen


The IceCube neutrino observatory, situated at the South Pole, is entering a new stage of sensitivity to possible high energy astrophysical sources using the traditional array and low energy atmospheric neutrinos in conjunction with the DeepCore sub-array. The lower energy reach of DeepCore opens up new opportunities to study fundamental neutrino physics, such as neutrino oscillations, with a massive triggered data set of O(100k) atmospheric neutrinos/year. I will cover the current status of the major IceCube astrophysics results, DeepCore neutrino oscillation analyses as well as possible future extensions designed to resolve the neutrino hierarchy in an initial stage (PINGU) and study proton decay/extra-galactic supernovas in an ambitious second stage (MICA).

Time: 16:15 pm, Thur 09/27/2012
Room: Seminar room tba

W. Winter

By W. Winter