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    Theoretische Physik I

    Prof. Dr. Fakher Assaad

    Prof. Dr. Fakher Assaad

    Theoretische Physik I
    Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
    Am Hubland
    97074 Würzburg
    Building: M1 Informatik/Physik
    Room: 3012
    Prof. Dr. Fakher Assad


    • Metall-Isolator Übergänge
    • Schwerfermionenverbindungen
    • Numerische Methoden für das Vielteilchenproblem

    Directed-Loop Quantum Monte Carlo Method for Retarded Interactions

    The directed-loop quantum Monte Carlo method is generalized to the case of retarded interactions. Using the path integral, fermion-boson or spin-boson models are mapped to actions with retarded interactions by analytically integrating out the bosons.

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    Zero Modes and Global Antiferromagnetism in Strained Graphene

    A novel magnetic ground state is reported for the Hubbard Hamiltonian in strained graphene. When the chemical potential lies close to the Dirac point, the ground state exhibits locally both the Néel and ferromagnetic orders, even for weak Hubbard interaction.

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    Dimerized Solids and Resonating Plaquette Order in SU(N)-Dirac Fermions

    We study the quantum phases of fermions with an explicit SU(N)-symmetric, Heisenberg-like nearest-neighbor flavor exchange interaction on the honeycomb lattice at half filling.

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