Recent Research Topics

Topological funneling of light

Dissipation is a general feature of non-Hermitian systems. But rather than being an unavoidable nuisance, non-Hermiticity can be precisely controlled and hence used for sophisticated applications, such as optical sensors with enhanced sensitivity. In our work, we implement a non-Hermitian photonic mesh lattice by tailoring the anisotropy of the nearest-neighbor coupling. 


Local magnetic moments in iron and nickel at ambient and Earth’s core conditions

Some Bravais lattices have a particular geometry that can slow down the motion of Bloch electrons by pre-localization due to the band-structure properties. Another known source of electronic localization in solids is the Coulomb repulsion in partially filled d or f orbitals, which leads to the formation of local magnetic moments.


Scaling of the Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect as an Indicator of Axion Electrodynamics

We report on the scaling behavior of V-doped (Bi,Sb)2Te3 samples in the quantum anomalous Hall regime for samples of various thickness. While previous quantum anomalous Hall measurements showed the same scaling as expected from a two-dimensional integer quantum Hall state, we observe a dimensional crossover to three spatial dimensions as a function of layer thickness.



ERC Starting Grant - Topolectrics

SFB 1170 "ToCoTronics"

DFG - FOR 1807