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    Theoretische Physik I

    Dr. Zhicheng Zhong

    Visiting Scientist since October 1, 2014

    Education and Academic Experience

    2014.10-2015.04 Visiting lecturer:
    “Density Functional Theory and the physics
    of oxide Heterostructures”,
    Universität Würzburg, Germany,
    Host: Prof. Giorgio Sangiovanni and Prof. Ralph Claessen

    2011-2014 Postdoc in Computational Materials Science ,
    Vienna University of Technology, Austria
    Advisor: Prof. Karsten Held

    2005-2011 Ph.D. in Theoretical Solid State Physics,
    University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands
    Supervisor: Prof. Paul J. Kelly

    2002-2005 Master of Science in Condensed Matter Theory,
    Peking University, Beijing, P. R. China
    Supervisor: Prof. Zhao-bin Su and Prof. Zhongshui Ma

    1998-2002 Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics,
    Special Class for the Gifted Young, Shanghai Jiaotong University,
    Shanghai, P.R. China

    *First-principles density-functional-theory (DFT) calculations
    *Tight-binding Hamiltonian, Wannier projection and transport theory
    *DFT+dynamical mean field theory (DMFT), strongly correlated and spin-orbit
    coupled electron systems,

    Academic services

    Referee for PRL, PRB, EPL, JPCM, JPD, FWO Postdoctoral Fellow; Supervise
    two Ph.D students