Theoretische Physik II

Katharsis of Ultimate Theory Standards, Workshop 2018-07


Precise Calculation of Higgs Boson masses, 9th KUTS workshop, 16-18 July 2018 (Würzburg Univ.)

Precision SUSY Higgs Mass Calculation Initiative


The main idea is to provide a platform where the relevant experts of the field can communicate with each other, exchange ideas and discuss in detail the open questions. We will (for now) concentrate *only* on (N)MSSM Higgs *mass* calculations. We do not want (at least for the moment) to dilute the effort by including other observables etc.

In particular the following issues should be addressed:Identification and listing of existing corrections, and how the are included in public codes.

  • Identification and estimate of remaining uncertainties, taking into account the dependence of the theoretical uncertainty on the considered region of parameter space.
  • Development of tools to make existing results that are complicated and numerically slow accessible for general analyses, i.e. development of "fast" codes.
  • Identification of the most important future improvements.
  • Seek to identify teams who tackle those improvements.

Weitere Informationen zum Workshop finden Sie auf der „kuts 9” Webseite

Von B. Wehner