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SFB 1170

Project area C: Spin-orbit coupling in correlated electron systems

Project PI(s) Title
C01 Assaad Numerical simulation of topological and exotic states of quantum matter
C02 Bode Surface studies of topological superconductors
C03 E Claessen, Schäfer Interplay of correlations and spin-orbit physics in 1D and 2D surface systems
C04 E Hinkov, Zabolotnyy Resonant x-ray absorption and scattering study of classical and oxide-based topological insulators
C05 Sangiovanni Topological states in materials with highly entangled spin, orbital and charge degrees of freedom
C06 Reinert, Hinkov Topological phases in heavy-fermion insulators and semimetals, and the importance of time-reversal or inversion symmetry
C07 Sangiovanni, Trauzettel Symmetry-protected nodal phases in correlated electron systems
C08 Sing, Claessen Spin-orbit coupling and electron correlations in complex oxides
C09 Erdmenger, Meyer Hydrodynamics and gauge/gravity duality for strongly correlated electron systems
C10 Moser The Dirac-Semimetal RuO2: From Topology to Functionality