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E. Ahmed, S. Tamura, Y. Tanaka, and J. Cayao
Odd-frequency superconducting pairing and multiple Majorana edge modes in driven topological superconductors

P. Heilmann, P.V. Pyshkin, and B. Trauzettel
Transition between scattering regimes of 2D electron transport

V. Kornich
Emergence of a condensate with finite-energy Cooper pairing in hybrid exciton/superconductor systems

G. A. Starkov
Inerplay of pseudo-Hermitian symmetries and degenerate manifolds in the eigenspectrum of non-Hermitian systems

A. Lahiri, S.-J. Choi, and B. Trauzettel
Josephson Signatures of the Superconducting Higgs/Amplitude Mode

C.-A. Li, J. Sun, S.-B. Zhang, H. Guo, and B. Trauzettel
Klein-bottle quadrupole insulators and Dirac semimetals

S. Tamura, V. Kornich, and B. Trauzettel
Equal contribution of even and odd frequency pairing to transport across normal metal-superconductor junctions

P. Rüßmann, M. Bahari, S. Blügel, and B. Trauzettel
Inter-orbital Cooper pairing at finite energies in Rashba surface states

A. Thenapparambil, G. Elias dos Santos, C.-A. Li, M. Abdelghany, W. Beugeling, H. Buhmann, C. Gould, S.-B. Zhang, B. Trauzettel, and L.W. Molenkamp
Nonlinear planar magnetotransport due to tilted Dirac cones in topological materials

S.-J. Choi, H.-P. Sun, and B. Trauzettel
Conductance oscillations of antiferromagnetic layer tunnel junctions

A. Lahiri, S.-J. Choi, and B. Trauzettel
Non-equilibrium fractional Josephson effect

V. Kornich
Current-voltage characteristics of the N-I-PT-symmetric non-Hermitian superconductor junction as a probe of non-Hermitian formalisms

S.-J. Choi and B. Trauzettel
Stacking-induced symmetry-protected topological phase transitions

L. Vigliotti, A. Calzona, N. Traverso Ziani, F.S. Bergeret, M. Sassetti, and B. Trauzettel
Effects of the spatial extension of the edge channels on the interference pattern of a helical Josephson junction
Preprints 2023, 2023010218

C.-A. Li, B. Trauzettel, T. Neupert, and S.-B. Zhang
Enhancement of Second-ORder Non-Hermitian Skin Effect by  Magnetic Fields

M. Dorband, D. Grumiller, R. Meyer,  and S. Zhao
Disorder in AdS3/CFT2
arXiv:2204.00596 (2022)

P. Basteiro, F. Dusel, J. Erdmenger, D. Herdt, H. Hinrichsen, R. Meyer, and M. Schrauth
Breitenlohner-Freedman bound on hyperbolic tilings
arXiv:2205.05081 (2022)

J. Erdmenger, B. Heß, I. Matthaiakakis, and R.Meyer
Universal Gibbons-Hawking-York term for theories with curvature, torsion and non-metricity
arXiv:2211.02064 (2022)

J. Erdmenger, M. Gerbershagen, M. P. Heller, and A.-L. Weigel
From Complexity Geometry to Holographic Spacetime
arXiv:2212.00043 (2022)

D. Di Sante, B. Kim, W. Hanke, T. Wehling, C. Franchini, R. Thomale and G. Sangiovanni
Electronic correlations and universal long-range scaling in kagome metals
arXiv:2203.05038 (2022)

L. Crippa, G. Sangiovanni and J. C. Budich
Spontaneous Formation of Exceptional Points at the Onset of Magnetism
arXiv:2207.05097 (2022)

P. Eck, Y. Fang, D. Di Sante, G. Sangiovanni and J.Cano
Recipe for higher-order topology on the triangular lattice
arXiv:2207.01359 (2022)

M. Chatzieleftheriou, A. Kowalski, M. Berović, A. Amaricci, M. Capone, L. De Leo, G. Sangiovanni, L. de' Medici
Mott Quantum Critical Points at finite doping
arXiv:2203.02451 (2022)

M. Kharitonov, J.-Benedikt Mayer, and E. M. Hankiewicz
Evolution of the surface states of the Luttinger semimetal under strain and inversion-symmetry breaking: Dirac, line-node, and Weyl semimetals
arxiv:2212.00902 (2022)

C. Northe, C. Zhang, R. Wawrzyńczak, J. Gooth, S. Galeski, and E. M. Hankiewicz
Conformal anomaly in magnetic finite temperature response of strongly interacting one-dimensional spin systems
arXiv:2210.07972 (2022)

Z.-Yu Xian, S. Danz, D. Rodríguez Fernández, I. Matthaiakakis, C. Tutschku, R. L. Klees, J. Erdmenger, R. Meyer, and E. M. Hankiewicz
Hall viscosity and hydrodynamic inverse Nernst effect in graphene
arXiv:2207.10528 (2022)

M. Bahari, S.-B. Zhang, C.-A. Li, S.-J. Choi, C. Timm, and B. Trauzettel
New type of helical topological superconducting pairing at finite excitation energies

K. M. Fijalkowski, N. Liu, P. Mandal, S. Schreyeck, K. Brunner, C. Gould, and L. W. Molenkamp
Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling of a Topological Ferromagnet
arXiv:2206.03972 (2022)

H.-P. Sun, C.-A. Li, S.-B. Zhang, H.-Z. Lu, and B. Trauzettel
Magnetic Topological Transistor

Y. Xia, S. Jin, J. Hu, R. Claessen, W. Hanke, R. Thomale, and G. Li
Band inversion induced large-gap quantum spin Hall states in III-Bi-monolayer/SiO2

M. Ulybyshev, S. Zafeiropoulos, C. Winterowd, and F. Assaad
Bridging the gap between numerics and experiment in free standing graphene
arXiv: 2104.09655

M. Dettbarn, V. B. Zabolotnyy, A. V. Tcakaev, R. Sutarto, F. He, Y. Chen, R. J. Green,  and V. Hinkov
Strain induced stabilization of a static Jahn-Teller distortion in the O-phase of La7/8Sr1/8MnO3

O. Kashuba, B. Trauzettel, and L. W. Molenkamp
Dirac quantum kinetic equation: minimal conductivity revisited
arXiv: 2011.08911

M. Kremer, T. Biesenthal, M. Heinrich, R. Thomale, and A. Szameit
Demonstration of a two-dimensional PT-symmetric crystal: Bulk dynamics, topology, and edge states

R. Stühler, F. Reis, T. Müller, T. Helbig, T. Schwemmer, R. Thomale, J. Schäfer, and R. Claessen
Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid in the edge channels of a quantum spin Hall insulator