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    SFB 1170

    Project area A: Topological insulators

    Project PI(s) Title
    A01 Bentmann Reinert Symmetry and correlation in epitaxial topological insulators
    A02 Bode Spin-resolved electronic properties of clean and doped topological materials
    A03 Kleinlein Buhmann Transport phenomena in topological insulators
    A04 Buhmann Molenkamp Growth of HgTe topological insulator structures, Weyl and Dirac semimetals
    A05 Brunner Technology and investigations of topological crystalline insulators (PbSn)(TeSe)
    A06 Hankiewicz Competing symmetries and disorder in topological materials
    A07 Kießling Molenkamp Investigating the electromagnetism of topological matter
    A08 Claessen, Schäfer Electron spectroscopy of topological insulators: Sn-based materials
    A09 Trauzettel Transport properties of Dirac materials
    A10 Schäfer, Claessen Bismuthene and related systems: a new class of 2D topological insulators