SFB 1170

    Project area C: Spin-orbit coupling in correlated electron systems

    Project PI(s) Title
    A01 Assaad Hohenadler Numerical simulation of topological and exotic states of quantum matter
    C02 Bode Quasi-particle interference on clean and magnetically doped Rashba surfaces: fcc(111)- vs. honeycomb lattices
    C03 Claessen Schäfer Interplay of correlations and spin-orbit physics in 1D and 2D surface systems
    C04 Hinkov Zabolotnyy Resonant x-ray absorption and scattering study of classical and oxide-based topological insulators
    C05 Sangiovanni Topological states in materials with highly entangled spin, orbital and charge degrees of freedom
    C06 Reinert Novel topological phases in strongly correlated systems
    C07 Sangiovanni Topological states with d-electrons: the playground of oxide heterostructures
    C08 Sing Claessen Spin-orbit coupling and electron correlations in complex oxides
    C09 Erdmenger Meyer Hydrodynamics and gauge/gravity duality in condensed matter systems
    C10 Moser The Dirac-Semimetal RuO2: From Topology to Functionality