SFB 1170


    Integrated Research Training Group


    The SFB ToCoTronics offers PhD students unique research opportunities, both in terms of concentration of scientific expertise as well as regarding the scientific equipment which is available for acquiring experimental or theoretical hands-on expertise already during the PhD thesis. It is our aim to complement this vibrant research environment by an excellent training and educational program which will equip the graduates with skills mandatory for a successful professional career, be it in academia or industry. This training program will be provided and carried out through an integrated Research Training Group (i-RTG) offering a broad range of measures and activities to safeguard that the PhD students receive the best possible support in the start-up phase of their career, professionally and personally.

    An academic education in physics is highly demanded on the job market and offers excellent career opportunities. As detailed below, through specialized lecture series and extra-curricular lectures, we will offer a top-quality topical training program focused on topological materials with strong electron correlation and/or spin-orbit coupling effects. We are aware that our PhD graduates will ultimately pursue their careers in a wide range of fields from fundamental research to non-academic business. Therefore, our educational program not only comprises specific training in condensed matter physics, but also aims at preparing the PhD students for the more general academic job market and to supply them with a broader background of qualifications by transferable skills courses.

    The educational program of the i-RTG will be embedded within the structures of the Graduate School for Science and Technology (GSST), which is the natural sciences branch of the University of Würzburg Graduate Schools (UWGS) organisation. It will also include the Würzburg-based PhD students funded by the DFG Priority Program SPP 1666 (Topological insulators) and cooperate with the recently established State of Bavaria-funded ENB Doktorandenkolleg “Topological Insulators”. The funding applied for here will, however, only serve to cover the SFB-funded students.