SFB 1170

Workshops and Schools

Workshops and student-organized Summer/Fall Schools

Besides a transfarable skills courses program, lectures, and external schools the SFB will offer our PhD students opportunities to participate workshops or even to organize their own events

The predecessor of the SFB requested here, i.e. Forschergruppe FOR1162 entitled “Electron Correlation-Induced Phenomena in Surfaces and Interfaces with Tunable Interactions”, has successfully conducted a Fall School in 2011 and three International Workshops in 2011 – 2013.

While we want to maintain the successful concept of Summer/Fall Schools, we want to give the PhD students a more active role during the planning, organization, and realization of the Schools. This will include:

  • Development of the general scientific scope of the Summer/Fall School
  • Determination and acquisition of suitable international lecturers
  • Final scheduling of the School’s sessions and program
  • The conduction and chairing of sessions
  • Organization of a social program

See the following link for a descriptin of the successful organization of the SFB Fall School 2016.