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    01/2020 PRB publication on the magnetic ground-state properties of the V- and Cr-doped topological insulator (Bi,Sb)2Teselected by Editors as “Editors’ suggestion"

    01/2020 Nature Physics publication on Tomonaga–Luttinger liquid in the edge channels of a quantum spin Hall insulator

    01/2020 Nature Physics publication on Tomonaga–Luttinger liquid in the edge channels of a quantum spin Hall insulator

    12/2019 André Kowaleski finished his Master thesis on "Interference phenomena in edge channels of bismuthene". Congratulations!

    12/2019 Dr. Philipp Scheiderer was awarded the Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen-Wissenschaftspreis for his excellent PhD thesis. Congratulations!

    11/2019 New Master project on "Transfer microscope for nanostructures" in Claessen Group available!

    11/2019 Judith Gabel successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr. Gabel!

    11/2019 Christian Heske finished his Bachelor thesis on the "Termination reversal of SrTiO3 substrates". Congratulations!

    10/2019 Jonas Erhardt finished his Master project on "Indium reconstructions on SiC(0001)". Congratulations! He will continue his research as PhD student.

    10/2019 Philipp Keßler started his Master project on the spin structure of RuO2. Welcome to EP4!

    10/2019 Philipp Schütz won the poster prize at the "International Workshop on Oxide Electronics" in Kyoto, Japan. Congratulations!

    09/2019 New project for master students available in Hinkov group.

    09/2019 Oxides grow (even) stronger: New DFG research project on "Functionalization of oxide thin films and heterostructures" led by Michael Sing

    08/2019 Congratulations to Raul Stühler for winning the Poster Prize of the Topological Matter School 2019 in Donostia-San Sebastian/Spain

    07/2019 Congratulations to Philipp Scheiderer for his successfull thesis defence !

    07/2019 International summer visitors @ EP4:  Hiroshi Kumigashira (Tohoku U & KEK Photon Factory, Japan), Fatima Alarab (U Pilsen, Czech Republic), and Rafal Swietek (Wroclaw U of Science and Technology, Poland). Welcome to Würzburg!

    07/2019 Michael Zapf successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr. Zapf!

    06/2019 Judith Gabel has been awarded the ScientaOmicron Poster Prize at the HAXPES 2019 conference in Paris -- Congratulations!

    05/2019 SFB 1170 "ToCoTronics" has been approved for another 4 years of exciting physics!

    04/2019 New projectfor master students available!

    04/2019 Judith Gabel submitted her PhD thesis. Congratulations!

    04/2019 Julia Küspert joined as Master Student and Christian Heske as Bachelor Student.

    03/2019 Ozan Kirilmaz successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr. Kirilmaz!

    03/2019 Michael Zapf submitted his PhD thesis. Congratulations!

    03/2019 Dr. Bing Liu joined as a Postdoc from Chinese Academy of Science, China.

    02/2019 Philipp Scheiderer submitted his PhD thesis. Congratulations!

    01/2019 Dr. Louis Veyrat joined as Postdoc from Institut NÉEL, France.

    01/2019 Marius Will finished his Master thesis. Congratulations!

    10/2018 Julian Aulbach successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr. Aulbach!

    09/2018 Daisuke Shiga, a PhD student of Prof. Kumigashira, joined as guest student from Tohoku University, Japan.

    09/2018 Jonas Gehrig finished his bachelor thesis on Ferromagnetic Mott insulator YTiO3. Congratulations!

    08/2018 Alexander Wiegand finished his master thesis on Spin-resolved HAXPES. Congratulations!

    07/2018 Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Kumigashira joined as Guest Professor from Tohoku University, Japan.

    06/2018 Jonas Gehrig joined as Bachelor Student

    05/2018 New paper on "living-dead" magnetic layers in DyTiO3 in cooperation with the Bibes group in Paris (Adv. Mat.)

    05/2018 Ozan Kirilmaz submitted his PhD thesis. Congratulations!

    05/2018 Lisa Mündlein, Johannes Jehn, and Julian Maklar finished their master theses. Congratulations!

    05/2018 PRB publication on the chemical and valence reconstruction at the surface of SmB6 selected by Editors as “Editors’ suggestion"

    05/2018 Prof. Dr. Masanori Tsunekawa joined as Guest Professor from Shiga University, Japan

    05/2018 Two new papers by the oxide team on the controlled epitaxy of the Mott insulator LaTiO3 (Adv. Mat.) and on the electron mobility in Al2O3/STO (Phys. Rev. Applied)

    04/2018 Our chapter in the book by Claudia Cancellieri and Vladimir Strocov on "Spectroscopy of Complex Oxide Interfaces" finally appeared

    04/2018 Felix Spriestersbach joined as Bachelor Student

    04/2018 New paper in PRL on H-doping of atomic nanowires on Si(553)

    04/2018 First joint paper of Hinkov and Claessen groups appeared in PRB

    04/2018 Registration for ToCoTronics 2018 is now open!

    04/2018 New paper in APL: Domain matching epitaxy of BaBiO3

    02/2018 Scholzi's and Victor's ultimate guide to α-Sn finally appeared in PRB

    01/2018 New paper in PRB: RIXS on LaAlO3/SrTiO3

    01/2018 Jonas Erhardt joined as Master student

    12/2017 New paper in PRL: Dimensionality-driven metal-insulator transition in SrIrO3

    Raúl Stühler and Burkard Müller finished their master theses. Congratulations!

    11/2017 Berengar Leikert finished his master thesis. Congratulations! He will continue his work as PhD Student in 2018.

    11/2017 Julian Aulbach finished his PhD thesis. Congratulations!

    11/2017 André Kowalewski and Johannes Weis joined as Master students

    10/2017 Dr. Lenart Dudy left EP4 to become beamline manager of the TEMPO beamline at Soleil Synchrotron, France. Thank you for your support in the last years and we wish you good luck!

    10/2017 Katrin Fürsich, who performed her Master thesis at EP4, was awarded the "Bayerische Ingenieurinnen-Preis", press release (in German)

    09/2017 PD Dr. Jörg Schäfer wurde zum "außerplanmäßigen Professor" ernannt

    09/2017 Chair excursion to Bamberg. Here you find some impressions.

    07/2017 Fabian Stier joined as a Master student

    06/2017 Raphaël Aeschlimann visits us from Unité Mixte de Physique CNR/Thales laboratory, France

    06/2017 Prof. Dr. Kumigashira and Dr. Kitamura visit us from Photon Factory, Japan

    05/2017 Paul Leo Butler visits us from University of California, USA

    05/2017 Alexander Wiegand joined as a Master student

    05/2017 Rory Cochrane visits us from University of British Columbia, Canada

    04/2017 Andreas Kuhn joined as a Bachelor student