Experimentelle Physik IV

    COVID-19 measures

    COVID-19 Self-Testing at EP4

    While we are all still waiting for our vaccination, the best strategy to fight the COVID-19 pandemic is to follow all safety measures and monitor possible infections as good as we can. With the recent availability of antigene self-tests the latter stratregy has become much more feasible, and therefore EP4 has decided to set-up its own test program:

    1. As of now and additional to the official University and State of Bavaria measures (see below), EP4 offers one free COVID-19 self-test per week to each member (employees and students).
      The test sets (antigene quick test for self-application) are available at Monika Seifer's office. The relevant manual and instruction videos can be found here:

      german (manual+video):
      https://www.roche.de/en/patienten-betroffene/informationen-zu-krankheiten/covid-19/sars-cov-2-rapid-antigen-test-patienten-nenglish (manual):
      english (video):
    2. All EP4 members regularly working at the institute are strongly encouraged to participate, even if previously been tested positive or already vaccinated. The tests should regularly be performed Monday mornings immediately after arrival. The result is to be reported directly to Monika Seifer who will keep a record of all test results.
    3. EP4 members who work from home and/or come to the lab only occasionally, take their test when coming to the lab (first day in the week where this applies).  
    4. In case of a positive test result, please put yourself immediately in quarantine and arrange for a PCR test at the Würzburg Testing Center (Talavera). Please report the PCR test result also to Monika Seifer.

    University and State of Bavaria Quick Test Program

    As was recently announced by the JMU "Corona Task Force", the University is currently preparing its own test program. In the meantime all University members are entitled to a free quick test once a week at state testing facilities (municipal facilities or pharmacies) by the State of Bavaria.
    All EP4 members are encouraged to use this program for a second Covid-19 test per week. You can download your proof of entitlement for being tested via the Corona homepage https://www.uni-wuerzburg.de/corona/formulare. The proof has to be signed by your supervisor.

    Glocken Apotheke
    Kaiserstraße 13
    97070 Würzburg
    appointments via phone or mail
    mail info@glocken-apotheke-wuerzburg.de
    phone 0931 50166
    tuesdays 9 to12 am and 3.30 to 5.30 pm
    thursdays 9 bis 12 am

    Apotheke im Hubland-Center
    Rottendorferstr. 65
    97074 Würzburg
    phone 0931 35 98 64 64
    test facility in dental clinic Dr. Widmaier + Dr. Widmaier,
    Rottendorfer Straße 69, 97074 Würzburg
    please make an appointement in advance
    monday to friday 8 am to 1pm
    monday, tuesday and thursday additionally from 1 pm to 6 pm

    Sonnen-Apotheke Würzburg
    Hans-Löffler-Str. 8
    97074 Würzburg
    phone 0931 71765
    appointments at www.sonnen-apotheke-wuerzburg.de

    Stern Apotheke
    Brückenstraße 9a
    97080 Würzburg
    phone 0931 21970
    appointments at www.stern-apotheke-wuerzburg.de

    St. Georgs-Apotheke
    Wenzelstraße 7
    97084 Würzburg
    phone 0931 64067

    Brücknerstraße 3
    97080 Würzburg
    phone 0931 2877011
    appointments at www.grombuehl-apotheke.de

    Schwanenapotheke Aub
    Marktplatz 8
    97239 Aub
    phone 09335 595
    mail foltz-aub@web.de
    daily from 8.30 am to 9.30 am (excluding sunday) as well as after telephonic appointement

    Florian Geyer Apotheke
    Marktplatz 11
    97232 Giebelstadt
    phone 09334 99917
    fax 09334 99918
    mail info@apotheke-giebelstadt.de
    appointements at app.no-q.info/florian-geyer-apotheke/checkin

    Testzentrum Höchberg der Bavaria Apotheke
    Hauptstraße 107
    97204 Höchberg
    phone 0931 48444
    appointements at www.testzentrum-hoechberg.de

    Engel Apotheke
    Jahnstraße 5
    97199 Ochsenfurt
    phone 09331 9815866
    monday, wednesday and friday from 8 am to 1 pm
    appointment via www.engel-apotheke.org or phone

    Klingentor Apotheke
    Tückelhäuser Straße 9
    97199 Ochsenfurt
    appointment via phone 09331 80665.

    Tauber Apotheke
    Rothenburger Straße 1
    97285 Röttingen
    phone 09338 981824

    St. Laurentius Apotheke
    Rathausplatz 4
    97299 Zell am Main
    phone 0931 461354
    test facility in parish community centre
    Rathausplatz 1
    97299 Zell am Main
    appointments only via phone
    tuesday to friday from 9 to 12.30 am
    tuesday, thursday and friday from 2.30 to 5 pm

    Manuals for Covid-19 self-tests given out by JMU: