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    Current and Past Projects

    DeLight - Development of low-cost technologies for the fabrication of high-performance telecommunication lasers

    The 7th FP DeLight project aims at developing advanced structures and technologies for the low-cost fabrication of high-performance telecommunication lasers working at 1.3 µm and 1.55 µm. Project duration: 2008-2012.

    SensHy - Photonic sensing of hydrocarbons based on innovative mid infrared lasers

    The SensHy project focuses on the development of single mode and tunable GaSb lasers that operate cw at room temperature in 3.0-3.6 µm wavelength range. These lasers are used for highly sensitive hydrocarbon detection within a multi-component gas mixture.
    Project duration: 2008-2011

    ZODIAC: Zero Order Dimension based Industrial components Applied to teleCommunications

    The objective of this 6thFP project was the development of quantum-dot and quantum-dash based optoelectronic devices for telecommunication applications.
    Project duration: 2005-2008

    GIFT - GaAs-based emitters for fibre-optical data and telecommunications

    The main objectives of this 5th FP concerned design and fabrication of new components based on novel quantum-dot-like structures suitable for high performance and low cost laser sources and optical amplifiers for telecom and data com. Project duration: 1999-2002