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    Technische Physik

    Würzburg-Wroclaw Nanophotonics Center

    The Laboratory of Optical Spectroscopy of Nanostructures (LOSN) in the Institute of Physics at Wroclaw University of Technology (Head: Prof. Jan Misiewicz) and the chair for ‘Technische Physik’ at the University of Würzburg have now cooperated for more than 10 years in the field of semiconductor nanostructures for photonic applications. The expertise of the group here in Würzburg regarding the growth and processing of semiconductors has been very nicely complemented by the sophisticated spectroscopic techniques developed in Wroclaw.
    This fruitful collaboration has led to four joint European projects and to more than 70 publications in scientific journals. The strong link between Würzburg and Wroclaw has been recognized by the joint DFG/FNP Copernicus award in 2010 to Prof. J. Misiewicz and Prof. A. Forchel.
    There's an ongoing exchange of researchers and students between both universities. Students and post-docs from Wroclaw have worked here in Würzburg on topics that cover various aspects of nanophotonics, e.g. growth of dilute nitride semiconductors, photonic crystal waveguides, micro-ring lasers and spectroscopy of quantum dot - microcavity structures.

    The cooperation between the two institutions led to a number of diploma works and other student projects based on the joint research, several PhD thesis, as well as three finished habilitations in the following subjects:

      • Magnetooptics of two dimensional electron gas
      • Properties of dilute nitride III-V semiconductors
      • Optical properties of epitaxially grown quasi-zero-dimensional semiconductor structures