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    Open Positions

    Master Thesis Positions / Masterandenstellen

    Optoelectronic Materials

    Organic Photonics


    Topological Isolators

    III/V Spectroscopy

    If you are interested in a Masterproject dealing with single quantum dot spectroscopy, polaritonics or optical spectroscopy on atomic monolayers (transition metal dichalcogenides), please contact C. Schneider or S. Höfling.

    We have additional positions (not listed above) open for master students. If you are interested, please contact one of the group leaders, or a specific PhD who is working in the field you are interested in.

    PhD Thesis Positions / Doktorandenstellen

    We are continuously interested in motivated PhD students. If you are interested in one of the research topics of our group, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Prof. Dr. Sven Höfling or one of the group leaders.