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    Looking back at iNOW 2023


    On 27 July 2023, the closing ceremony of the international Nano-Optoelectronics Workshop 2023 (iNOW 2023) – hosted by the Chair of Applied Physics in Würzburg – was held at the Bürgerspital Weinstuben. On this evening, poster prizes were awarded to the student poster presentations of outstanding quality. The chair holder of the Chair for Applied Physics, Sven Höfling, who co-chaired the workshop with Alfred Forchel congratulated the winners and looked back on the past two conference weeks.

    The iNOW 2023 participants and guests at the conference venue (Neubaukirche).

    During the international Nano-Optoelectronics workshop 2023 (iNOW 2023), brilliant minds from around the world had shared cutting-edge insights into their research, breakthrough discoveries, and transformative technologies that shape our world: 57 scientific talks, 4 industry talks and 2 editorial talks were held, and 40 poster contributions were made. Over the course of the conference, through keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and presentations, ideas were exchanged in thought-provoking conversations and new collaborations initiated that pave the way for future advancements. 170 participants and guests seized the opportunity to participate actively in the sessions, to learn from each other, and to connect with professionals, researchers, and industry leaders from around the globe.

    Through lab tours, insights were given into the research of the Chair of Applied Physics of the University of Würzburg. The participants also had the chance to enjoy Würzburg and its surroundings and learn about the rich history of the region. In various excursions, they got to know the homes of former Prince Bishops, Würzburg Residence, which is UNESCO world culture heritage, and Marienberg Fortress. At the weekend, they visited Rothenburg, the Church Fortress Museum in Mönchsondheim as well as the beautiful castle and court garden in Veitshöchheim and immersed themselves into the Franconian cuisine.

    Topics at iNOW 2023

    We are happy that many scientists of ct.qmat have contributed directly to the workshop with their talks as invited speakers, which has been a prolific stimulation to many discussions.

    The scope of iNOW 2023 covered a variety of topics ranging from fundamental physics to state-of-the-art applications of optoelectronics phenomena such as:

    • Photonics and society: photonic devices for life sciences and environment
    • Lasers and Applications
    • Topology and PT Symmetry
    • Integrated photonic (quantum) circuits
    • Photonic crystals
    • Epitaxy and processing: Synthesis, growth and characterization of advanced materials
    • Nanowires: technology and devices
    • Nanodevices
    • Physical properties of photonic nano/atomic systems
    • Quantum Information
    • Commercialization

    Best Student Poster Award winners

    1st week (three 1st places)

    • Jens-Christian Drawer, University of Oldenburg (Germany): “Monolayer-based single photon source in an open cavity featuring 65 % brightness and quantum coherence”
    • Andreas Bader, University of Würzburg (Germany): “InterbandCascade Infrared Photodetectors Based on Ga-Free Superlattice Absorbers”
    • Emilia Zięba-Ostój, WrocławTech (Poland): “The spectroscopic method used to estimate charge carrier density in a monolayer MoTe2 in a metal-oxide-semiconductor device”

    Andreas Bader won the Best Student Poster Award. Congratulations!!

    2nd week (1st, 2nd and 3rd place)

    • Manuel Meyer, University of Würzburg (Germany): “Optical and electrical tuning between the normal insulating and topological insulating phase of InAs/GaSbbilayer quantum wells”
    • Johannes Düreth, University of Würzburg (Germany): “Realization of Higher Order Topological Insulators in Hybrid Dielectric-Semiconductor Microcavities”
    • Hancheng Zhong, Sun Yat-sen University (China): “Ultra-low threshold continuous-wave quantum dot mini-BIC lasers”

    Congratulations to Hancheng Zhong, winner of the Best Student Poster Award!

    Thank you

    The workshop has been organized within the framework of the Würzburg-Dresden Cluster of Excellence (ct.qmat) that provided generous support. We express our special thanks to them:

    ct.qmat – Complexity and Topology in Quantum Matter (Würzburg-Dresden Cluster of Excellence)

    Further thanks go to our sponsors who contributed to the success of the iNOW 2023 with their vital support:


    Heidelberg Instruments 




    NKT Photonics

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